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Reference: ITBG/2-2013/MAT
Date posted: 5 December 2013

In view of the fact that the official language used for the RFP will be English, this request for expression of interest is published in English only.

Du fait que la langue officielle de cette sollicitation sera l'anglais, cette demande d'expression d'intérêt est publiée uniquement en anglais.

Please note that only those firms considered qualified by the United Nations Office at Geneva for this project will be invited to participate.

Terms of Reference

Closing Date: 19/12/2013Closing Time: 15h00
Bid Opening Date: 20/12/2013Opening Time: 15h00
Bid Launched: 04/12/13Invitation No. ITBG/2-2013/MAT
Sealed Bids, in original only, for the purchase and removal of the item described herein, will be received in Room 17-1 (Ground Floor), Palais des Nations, United Nations Office at Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland). All Bids received after the bid closing date given above will be returned to the applicable bidder unopened.

The sale number (ITBG/2-2013/MAT), hour and date of opening shall be indicated on the face of the sealed envelope containing the bids.

  1. A deposit (Money Order or Certified Cheque for not less than 10% of the total bid, made out to the United Nations) shall be submitted with the bid. The deposits will be returned promptly to unsuccessful bidders and will be considered part payment for successful bidders following the award. UN staff members are not required to submit deposits.
  2. Bidders are urged to inspect the items prior to submitting bids.
  3. The items are located at the United Nations Office at Geneva, Printing Section, Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland) and may be inspected on working days between the hours of 14:00 and 16:00 between 11 and 17 December 2013.

    For inspection by bidders, the vehicles will be located at Parking Secretariat, Door 4. The contact person is Patrice Jean, Office 45-1, telephone +022 917 2575. The vehicle may not be test driven due to insurance restrictions; however the engines may be turned on.
  4. The UN reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informality in bids received whenever such rejection is in the interest of the United Nations. This invitation to bid does not commit the United Nations to award a contractual instrument or to pay any costs incurred in, or in connection with, the preparation or submission of bids.
  5. The United Nations also reserves the right to withdraw any of the items prior to award. The United Nations, in its sole discretion, also reserves the right to award separate or multiple contracts for any portion or quantity of the item it may deem appropriate.
  6. Payment in full shall be made prior to removal of the property, and in any case within five (5) business days of the award. Successful bidders shall remove the property within five (5) business days of the full payment.
  7. The items described are offered for sale “AS IS, WHERE IS” and without recourse or warranties of any kind.
  8. Upon payment of the purchase price in full, by Certified Cheque or Money Order drawn payable to the United Nations, title to the material passes to the Purchaser and all handling thereafter shall be at the expense and risk of the Purchaser.
  9. The Purchaser agrees to remove the items awarded at his/her expense and without damage to surrounding property, including buildings, and further offers and agrees to reimburse the United Nations for any damage sustained as a result of his/her removal of the item(s) purchased.
  10. Please note that the United Nations is unable to provide any assistance either mechanical or manpower for the removal of the item(s).
  11. This invitation to bid contains no contractual offer of any kind. Any bid submitted will be regarded as an offer by the bidder and not as an acceptance of the bidder of any offer by the United Nations. No contractual relationship will exist pursuant to a written contract document signed by an authorised official of the United Nations and the successful bidder.
  12. The successful bidder is responsible for payment of any Swiss Sales Tax, which may be due as a result of this sale.
  13. Your bid shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of at least 60 days from the opening date.

Please see Annex A for detailed description.