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System furniture for open-space offices

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Subject: System furniture for open-space offices
Reference: RFPG-43/ESI
Date posted: 23 October 2012

Please note that only those firms considered qualified by the United Nations Office at Geneva for this project will be invited to participate.

Terms of Reference

1. The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a solicitation it intends to issue for the required services or goods described below.

2. Vendors interested in fulfilling the above requirements must be registered with UNOG and may wish to visit "UNOG Vendor Registration Process" for full registration information in order to be eligible to participate in any solicitation.

3. Required services or goods are the following:

Terms of reference

The United Nations Office at Geneva (ONUG) intends to issue a Request for Proposal to qualified companies (RFP) to supply and install system furniture for open-space offices.

Outline of the services

The scope of the RFP is to supply and install office furniture designed specifically for open-spaces including meeting rooms and annexed enclosed offices.

Mandatory requirements are:

  1. To supply and install workstations by a dealer, or directly by a manufacturer, specializing in office furniture. A five year warranty is required on the whole installation.
  2. The dealer should be able to demonstrate ten years of experience in office space design.
  3. The manufacturer should be able to demonstrate a ten year experience in producing office furniture.
  4. The dealer, or manufacturer, should be able to design office layouts utilizing the proposed furniture elements. The projects will be realized in co-operation with the UN technical office.
  5. Technical elements such as power/data cabling, task lighting, storage and filing should be integrated in the furniture components.
  6. All products should be compliant with European norms (ergonomics, solidity, comfort, acoustic treatment, fire resistance, absence of VOC, sustainability…) and in the future they should be available for ten year after the date of the first delivery.

The successful bidder for this contract should work under the direct supervision of the UN.

4. Specific information (if any) (e.g.: pre-evaluation or pre-requisite criteria, certification, etc.):


5. Please submit your response by returning the form "Expression of Interest Response Form" duly filled in by e-mail to tenders@unog.ch or by facsimile to +41(0)22 917 00 13. Responses must be received no later than 12:00 hours, Geneva time, on 07.11.2012. All responses will be kept strictly confidential.

6. Please note that this REOI does not constitute a solicitation. UNOG reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time during the REOI process or the solicitation process. Please note that only those vendors considered as qualified by UNOG to provide the required services or goods will be invited to participate.

7. Tentative bid issuance date: Mid-November 2012

8. Mandatory site visit date (if any) : Early in December 2012

9. Tentative bid response date: Mid-December 2012

10. Tentative contract award date: End of January 2012

11. For system contracts, estimated annual volume: NA