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Services related to developing Taxonomy for the UNFCCC secretariat

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Subject: Services related to developing Taxonomy for the UNFCCC secretariat
Reference: RFP 2013-075
Date posted: 10 April 2013

In view of the fact that the official language used for the RFP will be English, this request for expression of interest is published in English only.

Du fait que la langue officielle de cette sollicitation sera l'anglais, cette demande d'expression d'intérêt est publiée uniquement en anglais.

Please note that only those firms considered qualified by the United Nations Office at Geneva for this project will be invited to participate.

Terms of Reference

The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is seeking a qualified vendor who can provide the following services:

    1. Develop secretariat taxonomy based on understanding users, analysing content and processes and getting agreement amongst diverse groups and stakeholders.
    2. Evaluate the terminology, classifications and vocabularies that are currently used
    3. Develop recommendations for integration into intranet (to be integrated into document management system SharePoint 2010 and faceted search) and records management business classification scheme
    4. Provide training material and assist in the adoption of the taxonomy
    5. Develop guidelines, policies and procedures for taxonomy maintenance, thesaurus maintenance, and organization-wide metadata consistency (governance)
    6. Integrate into existing metadata schema, standards, and governance
    7. Work with Information Architect to develop the content architecture of intranet including a re-launch of a new intranet platform based on SharePoint 2010 to be implemented in 2013/2014.

It is intended to set up a project creating an organization wide taxonomy program. It includes the overall development, definition of maintenance processes, governance framework, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient tagging of information assets.

Detailed specifications will be provided as part of the Request for Proposal, which will be issued after the closing date of this request for EOI.

The EOI should include a description of the company profile and details of relevant experience. However, such description shall be limited to 1-2 pages length. Please do not include copies of certifications at this stage.