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Crime scene kits

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Subject: Crime scene kits
Reference: UNOV2012-06-2446
Date posted: 13 July 2012

In view of the fact that the official language used for the RFP will be English, this request for expression of interest is published in English only.

Du fait que la langue officielle de cette sollicitation sera l'anglais, cette demande d'expression d'intérêt est publiée uniquement en anglais.

Please note that only those firms considered qualified by the United Nations Office at Geneva for this project will be invited to participate.

Terms of Reference

The Procurement Section of the United Nations Office (UNOV PS), on the behalf of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Laboratory and Scientific Section (UNODC LSS or UNODC) located in Vienna, Austria, hereby invites qualified vendors to submit their Expression of Interest (EoI) for the contractual provision of crime scene investigation kits and stocks modules.

UNODC is developing material and resources to assist Member States improve their capacity to process crime scenes. In this context, UNODC seeks to provide Member States with the requisite tools, in the form of a crime scene investigation kits (hereinafter referred to as “kits”) and stocks modules to aid in detection, collection, preservation and documentation of evidence at crime scenes.

UNODC requires rugged, compact, lightweight, portable crime scene kits for worldwide use as part of training delivery and institution building in the field of crime scene investigation.

UNODC has developed standardized lists of materials and equipment to be included in such kits. Based on these lists, UNOV PS will invite vendors to make proposals for the design and delivery of the following type of kits:

1. “Kit Module 2b” - Elementary crime scene investigation kit is for use by first responders (mainly police officers) of countries where there is no dedicated crime scene investigation service, and first responders are expected to perform extended functions. Kit Module 2b includes approximately 80 different items, e.g., personal protective equipment, health and safety, general evidence collection, crime scene documentation, fingerprint evidence collection and etc.

2. “Kit Module 3” - Kit for use by crime scene investigators, to enable them to process different types of crime scenes at a basic level. Kit Module 2b includes approximately 100 different items, e.g., personal protective equipment, health and safety, general evidence collection, crime scene documentation, photography, casting, buccal cell collection, alternative light source, fingerprint evidence collection and etc.

This terminology, i.e., Kit Module 2b and Kit Module 3 is from a training programme developed by UNODC on crime scene investigation. The content of the kits is the outcome of an experts’ panel on that topic.

The kits should include an inventory list of materials and equipment in the kit as well as photographs of each item. The contractor will be asked to print this document on laminated type of support.

As good practice at crime scenes determines the immediate replenishment of used items, UNODC is planning to provide kits together with a stocks with different materials to refill the kits after use. As the kits are different, there are two different types of stocks.

The contractor will be requested to provide option for packaging and delivery of stock items, ensuring easy carrying or transportation. Similar to the kits, the packaging should be as neutral as possible and the UNODC logo will be present as well as a title. As with the kits, the colour and font of the title will be ideally the same as the UNODC logo.

UNODC has a network of field offices around the world (www.unodc.org/unodc/en/field-offices.html)
with technical assistance activities to strengthen law enforcement capacities. Many of those projects include a component to strengthen crime scene investigation capacities, including the provision of crime scene investigation kits to law enforcement authorities.

Kits and stocks may be ordered independently from each other. Interested vendors will be requested to provide options for delivery of stocks, including time frames for re-orders.

Please note that this is not an invitation for submission of a proposal. This is an EoI to identify qualified vendors interested in participating in the solicitation. Interested vendors must provide the completed Vendor Response Form (attached below). UNOV PS will examine this EoI and reserves the right to select the invitees for competitive bidding. Accordingly, an expression of interest does not automatically warrant an interested vendor's participation in the competitive bidding exercise.

UNOV PS reserves the right to change or cancel any of this requirement at any time during the EoI and/or solicitation process.