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Prequalified firms

Phase I
Construction of a New Office Building - Building H
Construction Services: 3000222

EOIUNOG 12854 – Closes on 15 November 2016

Contract period is estimated to be from August 2017 to end 2019.

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Phase II
Renovation of the existing offices in Palais des Nations buildings -
Construction Services: 3000222

EOIUNOG tbc – Will be published in May 2017

Contract period is estimated to be from 2020 to end 2023.

As the first step of the solicitation process, UNOG will conduct a pre-qualification of firms who wish to participate in the solicitation in May 2017. The pre-qualification phase contains the request for and the submission of the firm's Expression of Interest ("EOI") and the UNOG's assessment of the EOIs received, based on the described requirements and criteria in this document.