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70th anniversary of the United Nations

UN Geneva staff forms UN70

2015 marks the global celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, which aims to honour the historic breadth of the Organization’s development, security and human rights work. The “UN70” celebration also aims to unite Member States, global civil society and the many individual women and men working in common cause to enable a strong UN to realize a better world.

A number of events are being organized in Geneva and around the world throughout the year to mark this important anniversary:

  • From 12 to 28 October 2015, the Permanent Mission of Cyprus will hold a special documentary exhibition in the Palais des Nations, highlighting the peacekeeping work in Cyprus since 1964.
  • From 19 to 30 October 2015, the Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China, in partnership with the Swiss Chinese Culture Promotion Society, will hold the exhibition ‘Art China’, featuring the richness of the Chinese culture, with paintings and calligraphy, chess games, interactive presentations on etiquette, cuisine, and traditional music.
  • From 24 October to 6 November, the Permanent Mission of Mexico will organize an exhibition of paintings by the Mexican artist Sergio Hernández.
  • On 24 October 2015, exactly 70 years since the Charter of the United Nations entered into force, the Geneva and Swiss public celebrated this important anniversary during an Open Day at the Palais des Nations and the surrounding Ariana Park. More than 19 000 visitors came on the grounds for this extraordinary event, which brought together UN agencies, funds and programmes, other international organizations, permanent missions and non-governmental organizations. A rich programme of activities was planned throughout the day, including stands, guided tours, lectures, movie screenings, concerts, dance performances and activities for children and adults.

    In particular, the Open Day was a unique opportunity to:
    • Attend the official inauguration at noon of Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto's “Rebirth” sculpture at noon, alongside representatives from the United Nations’ Member States and children from all over the world. The sculpture will be composed of 193 stones, each representing a UN Member States.  More information here
    • Visit more than 75 stands presented by permanent missions, specialized agencies and other partners, and discover their work and activities.
    • Have a look at the fascinating art and photo exhibitions and attend the variety of musical performances
    • Witness a 3D simulation of the Large Hadron Collider by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
    • Enjoy the ballet performance “Glory” by Andonis Foniadakis, performed by the Grand Théâtre de Genève Ballet Company.
    • Discover the Strategic Heritage Plan, covering the renovation of key areas of the Palais des Nations in the coming years.
    • Get your copy of the cookbook ‘Recipes for Peace’, signed by Michel Møller, Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva.
    • Take free guided tours of the Palais des Nations, the Library and the League of Nations Museum.

    And so much more! See the photos of this memorable event here!

    A detailed programme is now available and will be regularly updated at www.unog.ch/openday.

Stay tuned for more information!

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