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Procedures for scheduling press conferences


1. Call the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) to reserve one of the two press briefing room (Room III or Press Room 1) or the Stakeout position near Room XX. Telephone numbers are 022 917 2302 and 022 917 2325.

2. Send a confirmation email to Ana Beauclair abeauclair@unog.ch. UNIS will need the following information: subject of the press conference (one line only), names and titles of all participants, required location and name of person requesting the press conference. This information should preferably be sent both in English and French.

3. Press conferences are scheduled for 45 minutes. Interpretation in official languages is only provided for Heads of State and Government when available and upon request.

4. Attendance at press conferences is strictly limited to accredited journalists. Press attachés may attend a press conference sponsored by their mission.

5. Press conferences by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must be sponsored by a UN office or agency, or by a mission to the United Nations. The sponsoring mission will need to follow steps 1 and 2 above to reserve the room, and a representative of the mission must be present during the press conference.

6. UNIS will circulate a media advisory informing accredited journalists of scheduled press conferences, and the schedule of upcoming press conferences is published here.

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