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Beyond Prevention: 5 Alternative Ways to Peace

7 November 2017
Beyond Prevention: 5 Alternative Ways to Peace

Tuesday 7 November 2017, 12:30-14:00
UNOG Library Events Room B. 135
Palais des Nations, Geneva 

Human Library event part of Geneva Peace Week

In times of extremes, there are many ways of choosing to promote peace instead of violence. We explore different approaches through the personal stories of 5 human books who work to promote interfaith dialogue, institutional tools, grassroots solutions and education as tools to contribute to living in a more peaceful society.

Shontaye Abegaz, Coordinator, Just Governance for Human Security
Shontaye has lived in different places and a lifetime of encounters and volunteering has taught her the value of intercultural dialogue and personal transformation in preventing conflict and promoting peace. That is why, for the past six years, she has been committed to promoting the efforts and aims of the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation’s annual forum on human security. As organizer, her focus has been the advancement of human security through peace building and conflict transformation, dialogue, and the pursuit of the SDGs. (www.caux.ch/just-governance)

Hassan Mohamud, Initiatives of Change, Sweden

Hassan is a teacher and has a great interest in education as the way to build a new society where democracy, human rights and peace are built through reconciliation and healing. His personal journey with Initiatives of Change for the last 24 years began with his reconciliation with Ahmed Egal who was from a rival clan in Somalia. Hassan and Ahmed have been instrumental in supporting reconciliation among the Nordic and European Somali diaspora, leading to healing in Somalia.

Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Director, Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, Washington DC

For more than a decade Dr. Elsanousi has worked in the intersection of American Muslim
communities and the government of the United States. Since 9/11, and the political turbulence
following the attack, a key emphasis of his work has been in addressing radicalization and
working in the field of countering violent extremism. Today, Dr. Elsanousi focuses on building bridges between grassroots religious actors and communities and international players.

Dina Ionesco, Head of Migration, Environnement and Climate Division, International Organization for Migration

Dina’s passion for migration comes from her early experience as a political refugee in France, escaping with her family from the Romanian dictatorship in 1987. With this first journey across borders, she realized how much one loses and gains through migration, and that hope, despair, sadness and joy can come together when you are a migrant. Dina’s current work at IOM aims to bring climate migrants into the spotlight and to develop evidence and tools to respond to environmental migration challenges and opportunities. (www.iom.int)

5th speaker to be announced shortly

Sandwiches and refreshements will be available at the event

In collaboration with the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation, the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemaker and the International Organization for Migration 


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