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BWC Officers of the Sixth Review Conference

This page provides information on the officers of the Sixth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Sixth Review Conference
    President: Ambassador Masood Khan (Pakistan)
    Secretary-General: Mr. Tim Caughley (Director, UNDDA Geneva Branch)
    Vice-Presidents: Austria, Belarus, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, India, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, and Ukraine.
    Secretary: Mr. Richard Lennane (BWC Meetings Secretariat, UNDDA Geneva Branch)

Committee of the Whole
    Chair: Ambassador Doru Costea (Romania)

    Vice-Chair: Ambassador Boometswe Mokgothu (Botswana)

    Vice-Chair: Ambassador Paul Meyer (Canada)

Drafting Committee
    Chair: Mr. Knut Langeland (Norway)

    Vice-Chair: Mr. Vladimir Bundin (Russian Federation)

    Vice-Chair: Mr. Pedro Luiz Dalcero (Brazil)

Credentials Committee
    Chair: Ambassador Philip Richard Owade (Kenya)

    Vice-Chair: Ambassador Jurg Streuli (Switzerland)