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Joining the CCW Protocols


Expressions of consent to be bound by any of the Protocols annexed to CCW is optional for each State, provided that at the time of the deposit of its instrument of ratification, acceptance or approval of this Convention or of accession thereto, that State notifies the Depositary of its consent to be bound by any two or more of these Protocols. Any Protocol by which a State party is bound forms an integral part of the Convention for that Party.

In accordance with article 4, paragraph 4 of the Convention, a State may notify the Depositary of its consent to be bound by any annexed Protocol by which it is not already bound.

Pursuant to Article 8, paragraph 1 (b), amendments to a specific Protocol may be adopted only by the States Parties which are bound by that Protocol.

For more information, please contact the CCW Secretariat, Department for Disarmament Affairs (Geneva branch), e-mail: ccw@unog.ch, or the Treaty Section, Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations, New York, NY 10017, e-mail: treaty@un.org

To see a model Instrument of accession to the CCW, please click here.

To see a model Instrument of accession to an additional Protocol or to the amendment of Article 1, please click here.

To access ICRC Ratification kit (fact sheet describing the obligations of States regarding the national implementation of the norms contained in CCW and its annexed Protocols), please click here.