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BWC 2010 Czech Republic offer to provide assistance in implementing BWC

The Czech Republic has honour to offer assistance to the State Parties to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in implementing their BTWC obligations by sharing its own experience and capabilities. The Czech Republic offers, inter alia, to provide assistance to other State Parties in adopting administrative measures required for the full implementation of the BTWC and developing legislation to ensure national implementation, including regulatory frameworks for handling of biological pathogens and toxins. National authority of the Czech Republic (State Office for Nuclear safety) offers assistance in preparation of national Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) and of computerized data collation as a basis for national CBMs. National inspectors working in established national inspection framework are prepared to share experiences with relevant national stakeholders from State Parties to help verify information declared in CBMs. The Czech Republic is also prepared to offer practical training courses for first responders, medical personnel or inspection teams including the necessary infrastructure, training facilities, investigation experts and national BTWC inspectors. Full contact details are available in the restricted access section of this website. For further information, please contact the Implementation Support Unit.