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BWC Syn-Bio-Sis

How engagement by the synthetic biology community influences international policy

10.00 – 12.30 Friday 12 July 2013
Room 120, Sir Alexander Fleming Building
Imperial College London South Kensington Campus SW7 2AZ

Science and international policy making processes are not always natural bedfellows. Do the views of scientists actually make a difference? Is it worth scientists contributing to discussions over the social implications of their work? Is anyone listening? This event will see three international bodies highlight the importance of active engagement by the synthetic biology community in global health security and efforts to deal with biological and chemical weapons.

Prepared remarks by:
Dr. Jonathan Forman
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Dr. Cathy Roth
World Health Organization
Dr. Piers Millett
Biological Weapons Convention ISU

Prof. Rod Flower FRS
Queen Mary University of London
Prof. Drew Endy
Stanford University

Followed by an open discussion

For more information please contact the BWC ISU.

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