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Sixth Review Conference S&T Papers

This page contains the papers submitted by States Parties for use by the Secretariat in preparing the background document on scientific and technological developments relevant to the Convention.

Contributions to the Science and Technology Background Document

These papers have been submitted by States Parties in accordance with the decision of the Preparatory Committee to request the Secretariat to prepare "a background information document on new scientific and technological developments relevant to the Convention, to be compiled from information submitted by States Parties as well as from information provided by relevant international organisations". The papers below were used to prepare the background information document, and will not be translated or issued separately as official documents of the Review Conference. The background document, which summarises the information in the papers received, will be available in all official languages.

1. Argentina (in Spanish) (unofficial English translation here)

2. Australia

3. China (in Chinese)

4. Czech Republic

5. Netherlands

6. Portugal

7. Russian Federation (in Russian) (unofficial English translation here)

8. Sweden

9. United Kingdom

10. United States of America