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"Campanas Verdes - Biodiversity in Art" - Paintings by Rafael García Miró, Palais des Nations, 1 to 27 October 2010

Rafael García Miró, during the set-up of the exhibition, putting the final touches on one of the artworks he produced in the Palais the day before the opening.

Rafael García Miró believes that humankind is destroying the environment through a lack of awareness and understanding of our impact on our own natural surroundings. His objective is to illustrate, through his paintings, the negative impact of human activity on our environment and habitat. In his work, he makes reference to ecological themes, biodiversity and, above all, the threat to the Amazon. The continual logging of the Amazon, a rainforest which, the artist reminds us, is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List (Central Amazon Conservation Complex, Brazil, 2000), is leading to the disappearance of a range of resources which we require to guarantee the survival of future generations.

Aware of the continual process of deforestation, the artist uses the symbol of the tree as his principle line of inspiration for this exhibition entitled Campanas Verdes, with the following motto: If you cut down one tree, you must replant thousands more….

For Rafael García Miró, the poverty in certain regions of Latin America pushes humans to misuse and threaten their primary and most treasured resources: the uncontrolled mining of gold threatens waterways, the cultivation of coca replaces forest trees after slash and burn fires destroy them, the consumption of batteries through a lack of electricity creates hazardous waste, the harvesting of medicinal plants without controls and the hunting of birds, monkeys and other small animals to sell to animal smugglers, all contribute to the disappearance of endangered species.

It is for these reasons that Rafael García Miró fights, through his art, for the survival of the Amazon, and for its protection.

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