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Emirati Culture & Heritage
Date: 22 January -
2 February 2018
Organization: UNOG
Location: Mezzanine
Category: Exhibition
patron: Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates

About the event:

The Permanent Mission of UAE presents the art exhibition and Showcase “Emirati Culture and Heritage”.

The exhibition aims to celebrate the cultural heritage of the Emirates, and the importance of preserving the traditional arts and crafts. The ultimate goal of this event is to highlight the various traditional/ cultural aspects of the emirati heritage as well as to emphasise the importance to pass on this heritage to younger generations.

About the exhibition:

During this exhibition, various heritage events will be presented. The UEA uses those Heritage insights to create a cultural showcase/exhibition, in which the visitors are immersed in ever-dashing traditions, crafts, camp and food. During the general exhibition, lasting two weeks, several artisans will exhibit and showcase local arts such as weaving or henna painting. For the opening ceremony, a show will highlight traditional clothings pieces (women only). This will be followed by a reception, during which the UAE will offer its guests with traditional food (sheep, dates and rice) as well as drinks (Arabic coffee and tea).

About the Arts and Crafts that will be displayed:

Al Sadu – Traditional weaving method

Al Sadu is a traditional weaving method which was used by the women of UAE in olden days. This is still practiced among the communities do produce colorful clothing, decorations for camels and horses, pillows, carpets, mats and many for all those interiors found in a Bedouin camp or tent. This was a tradition to master the skills of the women of that time and thus wool became their passion and hobby. They usually chat in groups and engage themselves in family bonds while spinning and weaving. The speciality of Al Sadu is that women of younger age learnt this skill by just watching it. It works in a unique form where the yarn or wool thread will be spun on a drop spindle or a big needle then coloured using henna and saffron and weaved on the floor for the final output.

Henna Painting

This is famous in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi while you can get to experience it in desert safaris or heritage villages. This is a form of painless temporary tattoos using the henna tree leaves made into a paste. Henna is popular among most women tourists who get them down painted in various forms from floras to other designs on palm, hands, back, and legs. Today this Henna culture from the old tradition is a modern tradition among western countries and most Asian countries during weddings, festivals and celebrations.

Coffee and Dates

This is a standard culture and tradition in all Middle Eastern Arab countries. But in UAE they serve Arabic coffee in mini cups without the handle with the traditional word “Ghahwa” and this comes with cardamom and saffron. As same as Saudi, UAE too is famous for dates as the varieties available in UAE is not there anywhere else. From seedless to chocolate mix to butter to any magic form of dates are sold.

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