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"#childmothers. Exhibition on Early Adolescent Pregnancy"
Date: 27 February -
17 March 2017
Organization: UNOG
Location: Salle des pas perdus
Category: Exhibition
patron: UNFPA

Photography exhibition about early adolescent pregnancy.
About the exhibition:

The “#childmothers” exhibition is a photography exhibition about motherhood in childhood.
“#childmothers” photo exhibition by award-winning photographer Pieter ten Hoopen powerfully communicates the individual experiences of eighteen young pregnant women and mothers that he met with the journalist Sofia Klemming Nordenskiöld in six countries: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Haiti, Jordan and Zambia.

The exhibition consists of 40 portraits and documentary photos, accompanied by short stories that show the reality of very early motherhood; of how these girls became child mothers, of their struggles and happiness, of their shattered and new dreams – for themselves and their children. From each country there will be a short film with one of the young mothers. These films can be shown in the exhibition.

The #childmothers project is a joint collaboration between UNFPA and Plan International. It will coincide with the 34th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), International Women’s Day and the HRC Annual Day on the Rights of the Child.

About Pieter ten Hoopen:

Pieter ten Hoopen is an experienced and internationally award-winning photographer and filmmaker based in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more than a decade, ten Hoopen has travelled all over the world for his stories - from Iraq to Somalia, from Russia to the USA. He has documented the impacts that crises and disasters can have on populations, including typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the powerful 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.Through his photos, ten Hoopen also depicts the daily life of people, in particular minorities, documenting the complex issues they are facing.

Next to his outstanding work as a photojournalist he has been recognized for his portraiture.
He is a member of the VU Agency and represented by the Gallery VU in Paris.Transitioning between editorial work and personal projects, Pieter ten Hoopen has shown his work in various solo exhibitions in Europe and in festivals all over the world. He has also published several books, including 'Stockholm', 'Tokyo 7' and 'Hungry Horse'.

In 2015, his documentary film 'Hungry Horse', shot in Montana, was nominated for an Emmy Award. Pieter ten Hoopen has won the World Press Photo three years and been awarded 'Photojournalist of the Year' several times.

He regularly works for major Swedish newspapers and international magazines, including the New Yorker, New York Times Magazine and Le Monde. He also teaches photo journalism at various schools globally.

More details on his work can be found at: http://pietertenhoopen.com/

The #childmothers photo exhibition by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Pieter ten Hoopen coincides with the 34th session of the Human Rights Council.

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Salle des pas perdus; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

All attendees who do not hold a UN ground badge are kindly requested to register by email at lugli@unfpa.org before 24 February 2017.

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