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My Piece for Peace
Date: 1 June -
16 June 2017
Organization: UNOG
Location: Passerelle
Category: Exhibition
patron: Permanent Mission of Slovenia

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Passerelle between E and A Buildings, 3rd Fl.; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

Opening on Thursday 1 June 2017 at 12:30.

All attendees who do not hold a UN ground badge are kindly requested to register at slomission.geneva@gov.si before 29 May 2017.

About the event:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, along with platform of Slovenian NGO’s, is honoured to present an exhibition of art works created by children in the framework of “My Piece for Peace” initiative.

Each day we are witnessing too many sad stories of children that, due to war do not have the freedom to enjoy safe childhoods, who are deprived of a possibility to a sound development, a peaceful life and the freedom to learn. With their family they are fleeing their countries for a better future, away from their homes and the life they know. Such an image of the world is not beautiful and not right. This initiative wants to change this.

About the art exhibition:
With “My Piece for Peace” initiative, children from 44 schools from Europe were asked to contribute to a vision of world which promotes solidarity, tolerance, understanding and openness amongst people.

With their help the initiative seeks to create a public and wide-spread call to leaders worldwide.

Together, and in a very special way, they are asked to be committed and sincere and to combine their power and aid in order to shape better times.

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