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Domus Terrae
Date: 10 April -
20 April 2018
Organization: UNOG
Location: Communal space 1st floor
Category: Exhibition
patron: Permanent Missions of Ecuador, Colombia and Italy

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Communal Space, E Building, 1st fl.; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

All attendees who do not hold a UN ground badge are kindly requested to register here.

About the event:

The Permanent Missions of Ecuador, Colombia and Italy present the art exhibition “Domus Terrae”, in collaboration with ten international artists from Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico and the United States.

This exhibition is being held in support of the UN Global Compact on Refugees and the UN Global Compact for Migration. Through this contemporary art exhibition, the artists aim to communicate their common feelings on themes such as migration, acceptance, tolerance and integration. Through their different means of expression, they propose a mosaic of humanity, refering to a space where it is possible to have a voice and be heard as well as to a world capable of welcoming everyone without exception. The art includes paintings and photos, as well musical pieces.

The aspiration of the exhibition is to present a sample of collective art of great sensitivity, as well as to connect several international artists whose work is relevant to the phenomenon of human mobility. In turn, the artistic message of the exhibition gives a signal and at the same time communicates the meaning: domus terrae.

In latin, domus indicates the house, the family, the home, the place of belonging. Terrae, the earth, is a feminine and singular substantive but at the same time plural. The combination of these two words is able to create a philosophical, human, eclectic artistic concept, a place where the family is welcomed in a unique way since it encloses the notions of civilization, freedom and respect for people. As such, domus terrae is able to synthesize a complex concept: the migratory movement at different levels and in its various impacts on individuals, communities and nations.

This is, in short, a project that invites us to explore new migrant horizons; to be citizens of the world. It suggests that we are individuals capable of understanding and accepting that all, without exception, are living a journey, a transit space, and in that situation we are also part of a welcoming house symbolically called Earth.

About the artists:

The following artists are contributing art to the exhibition

Paola Becerril (Mexico) – Painting
Giovanni Bernuzzi (Italy) – Poetry
Andrea Castro (Colombia) – Photography
Maia Kumari Gilman (Canada) – Painting
Maria Victoria Gomez (Colombia) – Photography/Painting
Lucia Vaca-Izurieta (United States) – Painting
Sofia Izurieta (United States) – Music
Cristina Vaca Moreno (Ecuador) – Photography
Peonia Vazquez-D’Amico (Mexico) – Painting
Daniela Zedda (Italy) – Photography
Francis Itás (Ecuador) – Music
Nazareno Ferruggio (Italy)Music

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