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Spanish Language Day
Date: 13 October -
20 October 2017
Organization: UNOG
Location: Door 40
Category: Celebration
patron: Division of Conference Management (UNOG), with the support of the Permanent Missions of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru and Spain, as well as the Association of Spanish International Officials (AFIE) and the Palabras+ Committee

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Door 40, E Building ; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

Music and Poetry Performance

About the event:

The Division of Conference Management at UNOG, the Palabras+ Committee and AIFE, in collaboration with a number of Permanent Missions of Spanish-speaking countries, are organizing a music and poetry performance in celebration of Spanish Language Day at the United Nations.

The programme includes performances led by singer Amanda Cepero and storyteller Coralia Rodriguez, with poems and songs by artists from, inter alia, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Spain and Venezuela. Narciso Saúl will lead the musical accompaniments, together with the musicians Gaëlle Poirier and Orland Oliva.

About some of the artists:

Coralia Rodriguez is a renowned Cuban actress and storyteller. In addition to her theatrical work, she offers storytelling shows for children and adults, workshops in the art of narration and reading aloud, and lectures and poetry shows accompanied by music.

Throughout her artistic career, she has performed at important theatre events throughout the Americas, African and Europe. She currently occupies the presidency of the Cultural Association Les Tisseuses de Paroles of Geneva. To read more about Coralia Rodriguez, see:

Narciso Saúl is an Argentinian arranger, composer and guitarist. His career in music has seen him work with diverse music groups and artists. He has composed and arranged for radio, television and short films; collaborated in musical albums; and performed in several European tours. He has also shared his knowledge through teaching, including at the College of Music Therapy at the Universidad del Salvador and the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel de Falla. To read more about Narciso Saúl, see: https://www.naxos.com/person/Narciso_Saul/20662.htm

About the art exhibition:

This exhibition will be composed of illustrations designed by Eugenia Susel, originally featured in the book Menschenrechte (‘Human Rights’) by Christine Schulz-Reiss. The book and its drawings reflect a number of the basic and necessary rights entitled to human beings, including, among others, education, equality, labor choice and freedom of expression.

About the artist:

The illustrations to be displayed in this exhibition are created by Eugenia Susel, an independent illustrator originally from Argentina. Eugenia has worked for various editorial projects featured in newspapers, magazines and books, with her most recent work being the design of characters, costumes and stage designs for theatre and puppet companies. To read more about Eugenia Susel, see: https://www.behance.net/eugeniasusel

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