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Entire Life in a Package
Date: 20 June -
30 June 2017
Organization: UNOG
Location: Exhibition Gallery
Category: Exhibition
patron: Permanent Mission of Israel

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Exhibition Gallery, E building, 3rd fl.; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

Opening on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at 12:30.

All attendees who do not hold a UN ground badge are kindly requested to register at publicdiplomacy@geneva.mfa.gov.il before 16 June 2017.

About the event:

Displacement, wandering, emigration, departure. What do those who depart on a new path take with them and what do they leave behind, when leaving home, as well as when leaving this world? Life's journey ever leads elsewhere.

The objects that represent the travellers' identity and sense of belonging, the memories and hopes for the future, all are packed ahead of the new road on which they embark, or are placed in boxes to tell the story to coming generations. Millions of refugees are millions of packages, suitcases…sacks. Millions of “life packages” which hold the desire to survive. The package is the person who held it. In it he packs both hopes and pains. Behind every package is someone looking for a place.

An entire life in a box – the little that represents man, his soul and needs. The minimal load. The heavy Burdon, both physically and emotionally. The long journey to an unknown future, or a journey to the past and the memories.

About the art exhibition:

With Orna Ben-Ami works the exhibition is focused on objects and packages and sees in them representatives of man, his condition and personality. The artist aims to deal with the personal and the public alike. The life boxes, private and public, a collection of key experiences and “family history”, boxes of memories woven into the experience of migration and life.

In her iron works, she attempt to combine heaviness and lightness. The substance is massive, while the result aims to appear soft, light and filled with emotion. Along with the welded iron sculptures she combines, in her own way, treated images and charcoal sketches with iron, as one unit. She is drawn to the contrast between the sculptural elements, crafted into figurative details, and the minimalist pieces, in which the lack embodies what is lost, as opposed to what remains. Iron expresses the will to hold on strongly to the identity which the objects symbolize. It renders them eternal and meaningful, like metal monuments. Iron brings out the physical and emotional weight of the journey. I attempt to "soften" the iron, as we attempt to soften life, but the message remains charged both on the personal level and the collective.

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