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Date: 24 October -
9 November 2017
Organization: UNOG
Location: Communal Space 3rd fl.
Category: Exhibition
patron: Permanent mission of Nicaragua

This event takes place at the Palais des Nations, Communal Space 3rd fl., E Building; Entry: Pregny Gate; Access: Door 40.

All attendees who do not hold a UN ground badge are kindly requested to register online.

About the event:

The Permanent Mission of Nicaragua wishes to organize a photo exhibition consisting of pictures depicting the daily life, meetings and interactions of people in San Marcos (Nicaragua) and Biel/Bienne (Switzerland).

The exhibition LiensLazos consists of 18 “pairs” of photos (36 pieces in total) taken by the Nicaraguan photographer Iara Vega Linhares. These pairs of images aim to describe the lasting affiliation between peoples in San Marcos and Biel/Bienne since 1986, when a group of young Biennois travelled to Nicaragua in order to collaborate and live with local communities. The various portraits recorded by the photographer bear witness to the connections of solidarity and affection between people from the two cities, despite being distant geographically and in their daily realities. As such, the photos show contrast, but also bring closer these two “universes”.

About the photographer:
The Nicaraguan photographer Iara Vega Linhares has some 20 years of communication experience in the fields of, inter alia, journalism, photography, graphic design, visual arts, editing, and visual promotion. Having moved to Switzerland in 2007, she began to discover linkages, relationships and friendships between citizens in Biel/Bienne and San Marcos, documenting them in photos and the book, also entitled LiensLazos. The photo exhibition has been shown previously in Estonia, Finland, Nicaragua and Switzerland between 2012 and 2016.

To read more about Lienslazos, see: https://lienslazos.wordpress.com/

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