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WHO Press Conference
Date: 23 March 2017
11:00 - 11:45
Organization: WHO
Location: Press Room 1
Subject: Invitation to a WHO Press Conference for World TB Day 2017

WHO will be holding a briefing on World Tuberculosis Day 2017 on 23 March at 11h00 CET. 2017 is the second year of a two-year "Unite to End TB" campaign for World TB Day. This year, WHO is placing a special focus on uniting efforts to "Leave No One Behind" in access to TB care, including actions to overcome the barriers of stigma, discrimination and marginalization. New guidance will be released on this occasion, to ensure that the implementation of the End TB Strategy is in line with sound ethical standards, and protects the rights of those affected especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.

  • Moderator: Dr. Ren Minghui, Assistant Director-General HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO
  • Dr. Mario Raviglione, Director, Global TB Programme, WHO
  • Dr. Ernesto Jaramillo, Medical Officer, Global TB Programme, WHO
  • Dr. Andreas Reis, Technical Officer, Global Health Ethics, WHO

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