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UNOG Calendar Application for Mobile Devices: UNOG Events

The UNOG Events application is designed to inform delegates, journalists, representatives of NGOs and the general public about events and meetings held in Geneva by organizations of the UN system.

It provides a list of events, which the users can filter by type ("Conferences and Meetings", "Press & Media", "Cultural Events", "Other Events"), by timing (daily, weekly and monthly), and by organization. Each event includes a map with the location of the meeting room where it is being

The UNOG Events application downloads from the UNOG Web Calendar (www.unog.ch/calendar) to your device the latest information, which remains available offline for further use. You can also save specific events as favourites ("My Events") for quick reference.

The application is available in English and in French.

Please send us your feedback by email (eventsapp[at]unog.ch).

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The UNOG Events free application provides the list of events organized within the UN in Geneva, at the Palais des Nations and at the Palais Wilson. These events range from conferences and meetings to press conferences, cultural events and any other meetings. The application provides also information on meetings organized in Geneva by UN family at large, including UN specialized agencies, funds and programmes and others.
Once the application is installed, you simply use the filters to show the events you are interested in. You can view the events daily, weekly or monthly. You can also filter by organization and by type of events (meetings and conferences, press conferences, cultural events, etc.).
Data range available on the UNOG Events application is from the 1st day of the previous month and until the 6 following months.
For meetings organized at the Palais des Nations or at the Palais Wilson, a map will indicate the exact location of the room where the meeting takes place.
Save all the events of interest to you in the “My Events” tab.

The application is available in English and in French.
Data is downloaded / updated at each launch of the application. If the download / update fails the users will be alerted so that they are aware they’re looking at stale data. Data can also be downloaded/updated manually by the user at any time from the “More” tab, then “Synch”.
The UNOG Events application offers a search tool from the “More” tab, then “Search”.
Other than the files downloaded for the UNOG Events, the application does not access, use or store any personal information from your device.

The UNOG Events app is available for iOS 5.0+ devices and Android.

Please note that information on meetings held in Geneva by organizations of the United Nations system is provided by UNOG as a service. It is based on material gathered from information publicly available on their websites, and may be subject to change. Check with the respective organizations and direct any queries to them regarding the meetings listed.