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GUIDELINES for translations

If you are interested in translating, publishing and distributing a United Nations title, please contact us to determine whether the rights are available. However, prior to submitting your request, please check the online version of the Publications catalogue : the United Nations translates some of its publications in other languages and the title you are interested in might be one of them.

When requesting translation rights, please provide the following information:

Please state whether the translation is undertaken for commercial or non commercial purposes. In the latter case, please provide a brief description of your project and indicate which audience you wish to reach.

  • Full title, author(s)/Department, © year
  • Your complete details (company name, contact name, e-mail, phone, fax, address)
  • Details to be indicated on the agreement (company's name and address, if different, signatory's name and title)
  • Print run
  • Sale price at least approximate in your currency
  • Expected publication date
  • Language
  • Territory (world, a specific country)

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