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A) GUIDELINES to reprint excerpts from publications, documents, papers as well as material posted on the United Nations website. (To reproduce a photo, please contact: photolibr@un.org)

The United Nations policy is consistent with the institution's aim of wide dissemination of information. We welcome permissions requests and, especially if they are made for non-commercial purposes or for a limited portion of material, we may grant them free of charge.

In all cases we request that a standard credit line be included:

from (full title of the publication you are using ), by (author(s)/editor(s)/department name ), © (copyright year) United Nations. Reprinted with the permission of the publisher.

Requests should be detailed and include the information below to expedite our reply.

Please fax, email, or mail to us your detailed request and copies of the excerpts that you wish to reproduce. If you are requesting permissions from multiple titles, please download, complete and submit one form for each title:

Information about the United Nations work you wish to reproduce

  • Print publication or Web material (specify)
  • Full title
  • Author(s) /Department
  • ISBN if applicable
  • Year of publication
  • Material requested: include photocopy of text, graphs, tables, illustrations. with page numbers
  • Total number of pages (1 page = 250 words)

If your request concerns web posted material, please include a link to the page you are interested in.

Details about yourself and your organization

  • Individual (specify)
  • Commercial company (specify)
  • Non profit organization (specify)

Intended use and purpose
  • Please define whether Commercial or Non commercial use of the material (specify)
  • Book, CD-Rom or DVD: title, author, publisher, language, publication date, print run (hardcover and paperback), sale price (hardcover and paperback), total number of pages, territory (world, a specific country), audience
  • Journal, bulletin, magazine ( as above + table of contents)
  • Web posting*, online, portals: details on the site hosting the material, duration of posting, audience, type of access: free, paying, secure (specify)
  • Other (specify)

* To reproduce material posted on the United Nations website on your website, please create a link to the item on the United Nations website rather than downloading from our site.

B ) GUIDELINES for photocopies and course packs

Requests should include:

  • Professor/instructor name
  • Institution
  • Department
  • Course name and number
  • Semester
  • Expected enrollment
  • Material requested:
  • Books: author, full title, page numbers, ISBN
  • Journals: journal, volume number, issue number, year, author, article full title, page numbers

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