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Guidelines of the Cultural Activities Committee of the United Nations Office at Geneva (2010)

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  1. A cultural activity is an activity promoting dialogue among civilizations as defined in General Assembly resolution A/RES/56/6 and confirmed by General Assembly resolution A/RES/60/4.

  2. Any proposal of a cultural activity shall be communicated to the Cultural Activities Committee through its Chairman or Coordinator at least three months before the proposed date of the cultural activity. The proposal shall be accompanied by a detailed description.

  3. The cultural activity must be compatible with the values, purposes and principles of the United Nations, in both content and presentation and shall not be of a profit generating or otherwise commercial nature.

  4. The theme(s) of the cultural activity must be international or universal in character and of relevance to the fields of activity of United Nations institutions. Proposals focusing on a specific individual, country or Non-Governmental Organization shall be authorized only if the subject has a direct relationship or relevance to the goals or activities of the United Nations, and is fully supported by it.

  5. The Cultural Activities Committee may, at its discretion, reject a proposal in part or in its entirety, or require the elimination or alteration of any part thereof, in particular if it considers the proposal apt to contravene the promotion of a dialogue among civilizations.

  6. Following the review of the Cultural Activities Committee, the Director-General shall inform the Requesting Entity of his decision.

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