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Statements 2013

The statements published on this web site are as circulated and have not been checked against delivery. For a word-by-word account of the Plenary meetings, please check the relevant records of meetings (PVs). Kindly send your statements to cd@unog.ch for faster on-line posting. Thank you.

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Cuba Amb. Rodriquez Camejo
Sri Lanka Amb. Aryasinha
Ireland (on behalf of the European Union) Mr. Kos
Russian Federation Amb. Borodavkin
United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland Amb. Adamson
United States of America Amb. Kennedy
Switzerland Mr. Masmejean
France Amb. Simon-Michel
China Amb. Wu
Egypt Amb. Bassim
Syrian Arab Republic Ms. Issa
Japan Amb. Amano
Kazakhstan Mr. Nurtileuov
India Mr. Singh Gill
Algeria Mr. Khelif
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Mr. Jon
Mexico Ms. Ramirez Valenzuela
Republic of Korea Mr. Park

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Show details for 14 May 2013 - Part II14 May 2013 - Part II
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Show details for 30 July 2013 - Part III30 July 2013 - Part III
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16 August
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Ireland Amb. Corr
Belarus Mr. Rybakov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Italy Amb. Risi
Japan Amb. Amano
Spain Mr. Cartagena
Netherlands Mr. Versteden
Switzerland Mr. Masmejan
New Zealand Mr. Ballard
Canada Amb. Golberg
Pakistan Amb. Akram
Sweden Mr. Lindell
Turkey Ms. Kasnakli
Russian Federation Mr. Vasiliev
Egypt Amb. Bassim
Indonesia Amb. Wibowo
Republic of Korea Amb. Yoo
Germany Amb. Biontino
India Mr. Singh
Iran Mr. Daryaei
United States of America Mr. Buck
Algeria Mr. Khelif

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Show details for 3 September3 September
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Secretary-General of the CD Mr. Tokayev
Co-Chair of the Informal Working Group Amb. Gallegos
Turkey Amb.Çarıkçı
Pakistan Amb. Akram
Estonia Amb. Seilenthal

Hide details for 12 September12 September

Myanmar H.E. Mr. Wunna Maung Lwin, Foreign Minister
Venezuela Amb. Briceno
Finland Amb. Kairamo