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Regional Groups in the Biological Weapons Convention

Similar to many other international instruments and organizations, the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention have organized themselves into three groups to facilitate their preparations and discussions. The groups include the Eastern European Group (EG), the Group of the Non-Aligned Movement and Other States (NAM), and the Western Group (WG).

The membership of these groups differs from those found in other forums, despite the similar names. For example, the Western Group of the BWC has a different membership from the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) of the General Assembly, and the group of NAM and Other States in the BWC includes China, which is not a member of the Non-Aligned Movement or similar groups in other forums.

Each group has a coordinator who speaks on behalf of the group and is responsible for organising and chairing the meetings of that group. The current coordinators and members of each group are listed below:

Eastern European Group (EG)

Coordinator: Latvia

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Group of the Non-Aligned Movement and Other States (NAM)

Coordinator: Venezuela

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Western Group (WG)

Coordinator: Australia

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  1. Andorra
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Belgium
  6. Canada
  7. Cyprus
  8. Denmark
  9. Finland
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Holy See
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland
  16. Italy
  17. Japan
  18. Liechtenstein
  19. Luxembourg
  20. Malta
  21. Monaco
  22. Netherlands
  23. New Zealand
  24. Norway
  25. Portugal
  26. Republic of Korea
  27. San Marino
  28. Spain
  29. Sweden
  30. Switzerland
  31. Turkey
  32. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  33. United States of America