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CBM Returns from 2000 onwards

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This page lists those States Parties which have submitted Confidence-Building Measure reports in accordance with decisions of BWC Review Conferences. Where States Parties have consented to their CBMs being publicly available, these can be accessed by clicking the country name.

Overview 1987-2017

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1. Argentina
2. Armenia
3. Australia
4. Belarus
5. Belize
6. Bulgaria
7. Canada
8. China
9. Cuba
10. Czech Republic
11. Estonia
12. Finland
13. Georgia
14. Germany
15. Italy
16. Japan
17. Latvia
18. Lithuania
19. Netherlands
20. New Zealand
21. Norway
22. Oman
23. Poland
24. Republic of Korea
25. Romania
26. Russian Federation
27. Slovakia
28. South Africa
29. Spain
30. Switzerland
31. Turkey
32. Ukraine
33. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
34. United States of America
35. Uzbekistan
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CBM Statistics for the Reporting Year 2016 (status as of 07/12/2017)

CBM Submission per Type

Language of Submission

Accessibility of CBMs

Month of CBM Submission

Improving the CBMs

The ISU would be interested in receiving any perspectives on any obstacles to participating in the CBMs, or improvements that might be made to the current system. Such ideas can be fed into ongoing efforts to streamline taking part in the CBMs and improving their utility to States Parties.