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Sixth Review Conference

The Sixth Review Conference of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention was held in Geneva from 20 November to 8 December 2006.

Ambassador Masood Khan (Pakistan) was the President of the Review Conference.

Final Document of the Sixth Review Conference (BWC/CONF.VI/6)
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Extract from the closing remarks of Ambassador Masood Khan, President of the Sixth Review Conference

"After a gap of ten years, we have thoroughly and comprehensively reviewed all articles of the Convention, and agreed on a declaration setting out our shared vision of the Convention and its implementation. This in itself is a strong message to the international community that the Convention is alive and well, and remains effective as the fundamental legal norm against biological weapons.

We have unequivocally reaffirmed that the Convention applies to all relevant scientific and technological developments, and effectively prohibits the use of biological weapons.

We have emphasized the need for effective national implementation of the Convention, and for measures to promote the development of the peaceful uses of biological agents and toxins.

We have adopted a specific and detailed plan to promote universal adherence to the Convention.

We have streamlined and updated the procedures for the submission and distribution of the Confidence-building Measures, and taken practical steps to increase the level of participation.

We have adopted a full and comprehensive intersessional programme for 2007 to 2010, where we will address the important topics of national implementation, regional cooperation, biosafety and biosecurity, oversight and awareness-raising, enhancement of international cooperation and exchange in biological science and technology, and assistance in the case of alleged use of biological weapons.

And perhaps most historically of all, we have agreed to establish an Implementation Support Unit to assist us in implementing the decisions of this Conference. For many years, the States Parties have debated the need for institutional support for the Convention. Now we have it, built not on a political argument, nor on a perception that “something is better than nothing”, but on the solid basis of the positive and practical contribution the temporary secretariat has made over the past three years. We know we will be getting a professional, efficient and dedicated unit that will make a significant contribution to our important work over the next four years."

Read the full text of the President's remarks here.

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BWC/CONF.VI/PC/1 Provisional Agenda of the Preparatory Committee


BWC/CONF.VI/PC/2 Report of the Preparatory Committee


BWC/CONF.VI/PC/L.1 Draft Rules of Procedure of the Conference


BWC/CONF.VI/PC/INF.1 Towards the Sixth BTWC Review Conference: An Accountability Framework


BWC/CONF.VI/PC/INF.2 List of Participants


BWC/CONF.VI/PC/CRP.1 Draft Report of the Preparatory Committee


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