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BWC JOINT ACTION / PROJECT I: Regional Workshops

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Project 1, Regional Workshops, addresses the importance of raising awareness among relevant national and regional officials and experts about different aspects of BWC implementation by: supporting key regional actors in defining needs and requirements for national implementation; discussing best practices for national implementation; and discussing intersessional program topics and their application in a regional context.
The results envisioned for Project 1 are an enhanced understanding of the BWC among relevant national authorities, strengthened regional networking to promote accession to and implementation of the BWC, identification of requirements and needs for enhancing implementation of the BWC, and the creation of and/or support for national and regional biosafety associations.

Four Workshops are planned in four regions; three Workshops have been already held during 2013:
- Regional Workshop on National Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in Eastern Europe in Kiev, Ukraine 27-29 May 2013.
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BWC overview, presented by Richard Lennane

The Secretary General Mechanism, presented by Karin Hjalmarsson

CBRN, presented by Francisco Miorin

Biological Risk Management, 1540 Committee Expert, Dana Perkins

Opportunities for regional co-operations, OSCE, Adriana Volenikova

STCU Experience in the Conversion of Former Weapons, presented by Michel Zayet

The Role of Biosafety Associations, IFBA, Mareen Ellis

Implementing Legislation for the BWC in Eastern Europe, VERTIC, Yasemin Balci

Effective and Sustainable Biosecurity Education, University of Bradford, Tatyana Novossiolova

- Regional Workshop on National Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in South and South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2-4 September 2013.
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- Regional Workshop on National Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in Central America and the Caribbean in Mexico City, Mexico 13-14 November 2013.

Several international and non-governmental organisations have published useful information, addressing issues to be discussed at the regional workshops:

WHOBiosafety and Biosecurityhttp://www.who.int/ihr/biosafety/publications/en/index.html
OIEBiosafety and Biosecurityhttp://www.oie.int/international-standard-setting/terrestrial-manual/
INTERPOLBiocrimes and Bioriskshttp://www.interpol.int/Crime-areas/Terrorism/CBRNE-Terrorism-Prevention-Programme/Bioterrorism-Prevention-Unit
UNSC Committee 1540National Implementationhttp://www.un.org/en/sc/1540/index.shtml
UNICRICBRN Risk Mitigationhttp://www.unicri.it/security/
VERTICNational implementation and Ratification/ Accessionhttp://www.vertic.org/pages/homepage/programmes/national-implementation-measures/biological-weapons-and-materials.php

For the Seventh Review Conference in 2011, the BWC ISU prepared several Background information documents on other relevant issues:

History and operation of the confidence-building measuresBWC/CONF.VII/INF.1
Compliance by States Parties with their obligations under the ConventionBWC/CONF.VII/INF.2
New scientific and technological developments relevant to the ConventionBWC/CONF.VII/INF.3
Additional understandings and agreements reached by previous Review Conferences relating to each article of the ConventionBWC/CONF.VII/INF.5
Common understandings reached by the Meetings of States Parties during the intersessional programme held from 2007 to 2010BWC/CONF.VII/INF.6
Status of universalization of the ConventionBWC/CONF.VII/INF.7
Implementation of Article X of the ConventionBWC/CONF.VII/INF.8