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Programme of Past Events This Year

April - May 2019

This exhibition makes a humble attempt to present a perspective on the 50-year-long “Tape of Time”. For all these years, Belarus has been and remains truly committed to multilateralism in world affairs.

When: 9 - 18 April 2019
Where: Exhibition Gallery, E Building 1st fl.
Opening: 9 April

The event will showcase the historical evolution of Chinese architecture and its artistic design, also the philosophy that inspired it.

When: 25 April - 3 May 2019
Where: Salle des pas perdus, A Building, 3rd fl.
Opening: 25 April

Grand concert at the Palais des Nations.
Women rights are honoured with two great singers: Souad Massi (Algeria) and Fatoumata Diawara (Mali).

When: 8 May 2019 at 6 p.m.
Where: Assembly hall, A buidling, 3rd fl.

Exhibition of the war photographer and naval officer Yevgeny Khaldey, known for his World War II photographs which he took while also engaging in combat.

When: 7 to 16 May
Where: Salle des pas perdus, A building
Opening: 7 May at 12:30

The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava is one of the most important world events promoting artistic illustrations for children books.

When: 29 April to 10 May 2019
Where: Passerelle between A and E buidlings
Opening: 30 April at 12 noon

Exhibition where 20 artists present their work, which includes paintings, jewelry and traditional garments.

When: 7 to 17 May
Where: Mezzanine, E building
Opening: 7 May at 12:00

Aikido is a complete martial art and is non-violent and non-competitive. It is a way to find inner peace and live in total harmony with the world.

When: 16 May, 12:30
Where: Door 40, E building

From personal to societal transformation.

When: 20 to 31 May
Where: Angle A/C buildings, 3rd floor


The Health Innovation Exchange is a partnership that brings together UN entities, member states, academic institutions, innovators, civil society, investors and private sector entities.

When: 21 - 23 May 2019
Opening: 21 May at 1 p.m.
Where: Bar Serpent, E buidling, 1st fl.


This exhibition fits directly into the programme of the United Nations by reassessing, not without humour. His own use of fire by claiming another way of using fire, not to wage war, but to make art.

When: 23 May to 4 June
Where: Mezzanine, 2nd fl., E building
Opening: 22 May at 18:00


Artificial Intelligence is the key technology of the 21st century and is bound to change the very foundation of business and society.

When: 29 May at 18:30
Where: Room XX, E building


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