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Cultural Activities

2019 Events

This exhibition fits directly into the programme of the United Nations by reassessing, not without humour. His own use of fire by claiming another way of using fire, not to wage war, but to make art.

When: 23 May to 4 June
Where: Mezzanine, 2nd fl., E building
Opening: 22 May at 18:00


This exhibition is featuring the works of Swiss photographer Marco Grob as part of the Institute’s annual Space Security Conference.

When: 29 May to 4 June
Where: Salle des pas perdus, A building
Opening: 29 May at 18:00


Canadian art exhibition confronting the urgency of sustaining life on Earth.

When: 21 to 6 June
Where: 1st floor, E building
Reception: 3 June at 12:30


The Russian language through romance songs, poetry and prose.

When: 6 June 2019 at 12.00
Where: Hall XIV, A building


The exhibition “Massimo Giannoni: Beyond the Past” will present some recent artworks while illustrating the richness of expression and the vivacity of the Master.

When: 13 to 21 June
Where: Mezzanine, 2nd fl., E building
Opening: 13 June at 18:00


About the Cultural Activities at UNOG

The cultural policy pursued by the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) has developed considerably in recent years, thanks to the active participation of Member States.

This policy, which has as its objective multicultural dialogue and as its ultimate aim a culture of peace, is now the subject of a distinct, fully-fledged programme that has been entrusted to the Library, which reports directly to the Director-General.

The Library coordinates the policy and implements the programme, with the Chief Librarian chairing the UNOG Cultural Activities Committee.

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