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The Third Review Conference of the States Parties (Maputo, Mozambique, 23 - 27 June 2014) agreed that, beginning in 2015, a Meeting of the States Parties will be convened each year at the end of November or beginning of December until the end of 2018 and that informal intersessional meetings will be held each year, preferably after the 30 April deadline for submitting transparency information, and that they could comprise a thematic segment and a preparatory segment.

The 2016 Fifteenth Meeting of the States Parties decided that the Sixteenth Meeting of the States Parties (16MSP) will be held in Vienna, Austria.

Pursuant to resolution 71/34 of the General Assembly of the United Nations and in accordance with the established practice, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is undertaking all preparations necessary to convene the 15MSP. Accordingly, a note verbale by the Secretary-General on convening the 16MSP was circulated, as follows:

Financial Issues

The Convention faced a serious cash shortfall that endangered the holding of the 2016 Fifteenth meeting of the States parties and required extraordinary measures such as reduced translation of official documentation, paperless meeting, additional financial and in-kind support from the host country (Chile), etc. The main reasons for this financial situation are as follows:

(i) the growing outstanding unpaid balances for previous meetings (2001-2015), often masked in the past by the overpayments made by other States resulting in overall positive cash balances;
(ii) the excess costs due to fact the 2015 Fourteenth meeting had higher than expected expenditure resulting in additional bills;
(iii) the average speed at which States are settling invoices (that has slowed down for current meetings compared to previous years).

To see the current financial status of the Convention (as of 31 October 2017), please click here.

According the UN Financial Regulations and Rules, all funds for extra budgetary activities supported by the United Nations much be received in advance, before any funds are committed for these events.

In reaction to the serious financial situation faced by the Convention, at its Fifteenth meeting in 2016, the States parties to the APLC decided, inter alia, as follows:

The Meeting underlined the importance to ensure full compliance with article 14 obligations […]. The Meeting called upon the States Parties and States not parties participating in the meetings to address issues arising from outstanding dues and from recently implemented United Nations financial accounting practices. The Meeting requested the States Parties and States not parties participating in the meetings of the States Parties to proceed with the payment of their share of the estimated costs as soon as the assessment invoices have been received from the United Nations.” (Final report, document APLC/MSP.15/2016/10, paragraph 38).

To see the 2016 final expenditures per country, please click here.
To see the 2017 assessment per country, please click here.

Key dates in 2017
28 February
  • Second Pledging Conference for the implementation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, Geneva, conference room XII
1 March
  • 18th Anniversary of the entry-into-force of the Convention
4 April
  • International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
30 April
  • Deadlines for all States parties to submit article 7 annual transparency reports covering calendar year 2016
8-9 June
  • 2017 intersessional meetings, Geneva
  • Information meeting on the Sixteenth Meeting of the States parties, Geneva
18 September
  • Twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Convention
3 December
  • International Day of Persons with disabilities
3-4 December
  • Twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Convention
18-21 December
  • Sixteenth Meeting of the States parties, Vienna, VIC

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