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Articles and papers on lethal autonomous weapons systems


Background documents on lethal autonomous weapons

American Society of International Law - Panel on Autonomous Weaponry and Armed Conflict

ARKIN, Ronald - Lethal Autonomous Systems and the Plight of the Non-combatant

ARKIN, Ronald. The Case for Banning Killer Robots: Counterpoint.

ASARO, Peter - On banning autonomous weapon systems: human rights, automation, and the dehumanization of lethal decision-making

ANDERSON, Kenneth and WAXMAN, Matthew - Law and Ethics for Autonomous Weapons Systems: Why a Ban Won't Work and How the Laws of War Can

BILLS, Gwendelynn. LAWS unto Themselves: Controlling the Development and Use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists - Autonomous weapons, civilian safety, and regulation versus prohibition

ESPADA, C, and HORTAL, M. Sistemas de armas autonomas, drones y derecho internacional

Future of Life Institute - Open Letter on Autonomous Weapons

GARCIA, Denise - Battle bots: How the World Should Prepare Itself for Robotic Warfare (Foreign Affairs)

GARCIA, Denise - Future arms, technologies, and international law: Preventive security governance (EJIS)

Homayounnejad, Maziar - Assessing the Sense and Scope of ‘Autonomy’ in Emerging Military Weapon Systems

HEYNS, Christof - Report on Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions (focusing on lethal autonomous weapons systems)

HOLLIS, Duncan B. Setting the Stage: Autonomous Legal Reasoning in International Humanitarian Law.

International Institute of Humanitarian Law - International Humanitarian Law and New Weapon Technologies

LEWIS, John. The Case for Regulating Fully Autonomous Weapons.

MARCHANT, Gary; ALLENBY, Braden; ARKIN, Ronald; BARRETT, Edward; BORENSTEIN, Jason; GAUDET, Lyn; KITTERIE, Orde; LIN, Patrick; LUCAS, George; O'MEARA, Richard; and SILBERMAN, Jared - International Governance of Autonomous Military Robots (from The Colombia, Science and Technology Law Review)

MARSH, Nicholas (2014) Defining the Scope of Autonomy, PRIO Policy Brief, 2. Oslo: PRIO.

MELZER, Nils - Human Rights Implications of the Usage of Drones and Unmanned Robots in Warfare - Legal Study and Policy Advice. Brussels: European Union Parliament, 2013

LIN, Patrick; BEKEY, George; and ABNEY, Keith - Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design

ROFF, Heather M. Lethal Autonomous Weapons and Jus Ad Bellum Proportionality.

Scharre, Paul, Autonomous Weapons and Operational Risk, Centre for New American Studies

SCHMITT, Michael - Autonomous Weapon Systems and International Humanitarian Law: A Reply to the Critics

SHARKEY, Noel - The evitability of autonomous robots warfare

SHARKEY, Noel - Towards a principle for the human supervisory control of robot weapons

SHARKEY, Noel - Weapons of Indiscriminate Lethality

SUKMAN, D., Les systemes autonomes letaux et l'avenir de la guerre


VILMER, J-B., Terminator Ethics

World Economic Forum, 2016 - What if robots go to war?

GERMANY - Publication by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany - Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems -Technology, Definition, Ethics, Law and Security