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Multilateral Diplomacy and Policy Making

As a centre for international negotiations, Geneva attracts a large number of Heads of State and Government, ministers, dignitaries and experts who meet in Geneva to negotiate, exchange views, examine priorities, elaborate strategies and shape the international agenda. Such interaction and information sharing are important in the formulation of integrated, inclusive and innovative policies to address the inter-related dimensions of peace, rights and well-being.

In his capacity as the Secretary-General’s representative, the Director-General meets with high-level political representatives in order to promote the Organization’s priorities and share information. Through these exchanges and by facilitating contacts, he contributes to the wider multilateral efforts of the Organization.

These exchanges are complemented by the Director-General’s work to align priorities and coordinate efforts across the wider United Nations system. The Director-General contributes to the policy-setting processes within the Organization by participating in key forums for policy discussion and development such as the Senior Management Group (SMG) and the Executive Committee on Peace and Security (ECPS).