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Perception Change Project

The International Geneva Perception Change project was launched by the Former Director-General Michael Møller in early 2014. The project aims to highlight the impact of the work done by all of the UN and international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other institutions based in Geneva. Its objective is to broaden the overall understanding of just how relevant the work carried out by international Geneva is, not only in the context of humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping or global health, but also to everyday life.

The project is spearheaded by the UN Geneva Director-General Tatiana Valovaya and is managed by a small team at the Office of the Director-General.

As of October 2016, the project has brought over 100 partners on board including numerous UN agencies and offices, international organizations, NGOs and governmental entities.

The perception change efforts are centered around three main axes: making information accessible, changing the narrative, promoting the work of Geneva-based organizations and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and individual experience.

Packaging and putting the wealth of information generated by Geneva-based organizations at your fingertips.


Provides users with an ever-evolving guide to
the data and information published by the UN
entities and actors of International Geneva

SDG Mapping

Shows the results of the survey on International Geneva's expertise on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

In the Storybook, classic characters take on
new adventures in the setting of traditional fairy
tales from around the world, while highlighting
issues such as climate change, epidemics,
displacement, and inequality

The cookbook includes over 40 Recipes for
Peace, Rights and Well-Being
, written by
actors of International Geneva, show-casing their
work in an innovative and creative way

Impact Infographics show International
Geneva's impact in specific area such as human
rights, environment, innovation or climate change

Youth outreach projects Young Reporters and #KidsWannaKnow give an opportunity to young people to interact with experts on a topic of international cooperation of their choice

Communication, Events & Synergies

Social Media Campaigns and content such as #GenevaMeans or #FridayInfographics are shared with PCP partners to take part in the campaign in their own way, as well as broadly, contributing to the collective visibility of International Geneva.

PCP partners meet once a month at PCP Meet-ups at the Palais des Nations to talk about upcoming projects & events, crowd-source for joint projects, cover communication topics, and share initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals.