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Changing the narrative

Through creative communication, the Perception Change Project disseminates positive and impactful stories.

Impact Stories - Good news directly to your email box

Not every impactful story makes the headlines.

To put each story into the spotlight it deserves, this monthly Newsletter allows readers all over the world to hear good news and be informed about the progress made towards peace, rights and well-being.

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The Iceberg - the stories beneath the surface

With so much negative news, we only see the tip of the iceberg. We are thus unaware of all the positive work being done below the surface to tackle global problems.

The Iceberg is a series of nine books, each focused on a different topic. It introduces today's issues to readers and seeks them to become part of the solutions.

To read them, check out our page on issuu at https://issuu.com/perceptionchange
Readings for the youngsters - taking care of the planet

An elephant and a whale: what do they have in common?
They are both confronting challenges that are affecting their lives. These two books inform children about global and inspire them to act for a fairer future for all.

To read them, check out our page on issuu at https://issuu.com/perceptionchange
Fairy tales for a Fairer World - a quest towards the Global Goals

Characters from traditional fairy tales go on a quest towards the Global Goals.

In this anthology of tales connects older and younger generations, myths collected from around the world are retold with a modern-day twist to teach children about the SDGs.

To read it, check out our page on issuu at https://issuu.com/perceptionchange