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Making information accessible

With the contribution of partner organizations, the Perception Change Project converts complex information into creative communication products for digital and print usage.

SDG Mapping - to see who does what in Geneva towards the Global Goals

International Geneva hosts an incredible number of actors working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. But who does what exactly ?

SDG Mapping answers this question. This data visualization tool created with the contribution of 75 Geneva-based organizations provides an overview of the expertise that the Geneva ecosystem offers.
First developed in 2015, it was updated in 2018 to better identify and facilitate synergies.
SDG Mapping is accessible on an interactive platform at www.sdgmapping.ch, where you can navigate 10 different areas of expertise for each SDG, and here below in a printable version.

International Geneva expertise on the Global Goals - 1/2

International Geneva expertise on the Global Goals - 2/2
GVAData - to look for data about Geneva-based organizations

There is a wealth of information out there, but it is often difficult to locate. To overcome this, the GVAData website offers a one-stop portal for those looking for information about the work of International Geneva.

Easy to navigate by thematic area and type of organization, it facilitate access to information and fosters collaboration.

Infographics - to see the impact of Geneva on your life

Since 2015, a series of "Impact Infographics" made with contributions from partner organizations shows the impact made by International Geneva on people's lives everywhere.

To date, over 40 Infographics have been produced, each focusing on a different topic. In 2017, the series added 17 infographics, one for each Global Goal.

To download them, check out our page on issuu at https://issuu.com/perceptionchange