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Large amount of statistics and data are produced and available within the International Geneva that testify to the impact of its organizations in a number of different areas. As a network of creative communicators, PCP serves as a platform to bring together this information and find innovative and powerful ways to share it. These infographics show collective impact of International Geneva in fields of expertise such as health or human rights.

The PCP infographics cover key thematic areas related to the core work of International Geneva. To develop an infographic for each area, the PCP Team crowd-sources examples, punchlines, recent statistics and facts from the PCP partner organizations and complements them with background research. The infographics have been published online on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, in print in La Cité newspaper and KlvinMag, as well as disseminated as posters at the UN Office in Geneva and the Graduate Institute, and in the UNOG annual report.