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The Monuments


The grounds of the Palais des Nations contain many important monuments that were gifts from Member States, private sponsors and artists.
The most well-known monuments include:

The Celestial Sphere (United States, 1939). Gift of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. The spherical frame is adorned with constellations and stars. The 85 constellations are gilded and the 840 stars are silvered. The sphere is equipped with a motor to revolve slowly around an axis turned to the Pole Star. Unfortunately, this motor no longer works.

The Conquest of Space by Barsh, Kolchin, Faidish and Youri Neroda (1971). Gift from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The Great Centaur by Ernst Neizvestny (1997). Gift from the Russian Federation.

Family by Edwina Sandys (1979). Gift from Anthony and Penny Oppenheimer to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The Spreading of the Seeds and the Gathering of Ashes by Esther Shalev-Gerz and Jochen Gerz (1995). Gift from Germany on the occasion of the fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations.

The Tower of Loneliness by Per Kirkeby (Denmark, 1995). Gift from the artist.

Memorial (collective gift, 2003). Gift in memory of civil servants who lost their lives in the service of peace.

Montbovon Chalet (Switzerland, 1668). Acquisition by the Revilliod Foundation.

Sarcophagus (burial of Gustave Revilliod, 1890).