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NGO Resources and Services Centre

The NGO Resource and Service Centre at the Palais des Nations (Room E-2) is at the disposal of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Centre comprises of a cyberspace (computers with Internet connection and facilities for wireless connection), a reading area with documents for consultation and a meeting area for up to 15 persons.

The meeting area at the NGO resource and Service Centre can be reserved for private meetings that are in line with the United Nations purposes and objectives, as defined in the Charter, and are strictly non-commercial. The meeting area cannot be made available for NGOs to conduct their own organizational business or advance their own purposes and aims. The meeting area comprises of a meeting table and 15 chairs. Currently, there is no possibility to provide the meeting area with any other equipment.

NGOs wishing to reserve the meeting area of the NGO Resource Centre are invited to complete the reservation form and send it signed by email to the NGO Liaison Unit at unog.ngo@un.org at least 3 business days before the planned meeting. The NGO Liaison Unit will inform the requesting NGO by return email if the meeting space is available on the selected date/time. The Centre (the cyberspace and reading area) will remain accessible to others during meetings.

Participants at meetings in the NGO Resources Centre should be in possession of access badges to the Palais des Nations. The NGO Liaison Unit is not in a position to facilitate access to persons without access badges.

An NGO organizing a meeting in the NGO Resources and Service Centre is exclusively responsible for it.

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