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Today the UNOG Library’s rich collections include more than one million items in print and more than 70,000 electronic journals and books.

UNOG Library specializes in two major areas:

  • It is a complete depository for United Nations documents and publications and it maintains a comprehensive collection of materials of the specialized agencies and the United Nations affiliated bodies.
  • It collects books, periodicals and electronic resources to support the programmes and activities of the Organization: international law, international relations, political science, humanitarian affairs, human rights, refugees, disarmament, economic and social development, etc.

    New materials are acquired with the aim of achieving a balance of national and linguistic coverage, as well as representing different points of view. More on the Collection Development Policy.

    As the former library of the League of Nations, the collections also include some rare materials from the pre-League period.

    Highlights of the UNOG Library Collections

    United Nations and Specialized Agencies - The Library houses all United Nations documents and it maintains a comprehensive collection of materials of the specialized agencies and the United Nations affiliated bodies.
      Legal and Political Collections - The collections contain books and publications covering international relations and national and international law (dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, yearbooks, law digests, treaty series, law codes, and monographs).
        Economic, Social and Statistical Collections - The collections holds books and publications on economic and social topics such as business, finance, trade, transnational corporations, transport, energy, environment, population, status of women, etc. The collections also contain the latest official statistical publications from most countries of the world and from many intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

        UNHCR/Refugee Studies Collection - In 2008 the UNHCR Library was closed and its entire collection was transferred to UNOG Library. UNOG now offers access to all of these materials and continues to build on this collection, regularly purchasing books and electronic subscriptions that support refugee studies research and the work of UNHCR staff.

        Periodical and Newspaper Collections - The Library receives more than 4,000 periodicals and 80 newspapers from all over the world. Approximately 1,200 periodicals of general interest, including weekly magazines, and 30 newspapers of the current year are directly accessible in the Periodical and Newspaper Reading Room. Back issues are easily accessible whether in the stacks or on microfilm. The Library also subscribes to approximatively 40,000 electronic journals and newspapers to which users get access via the Library workstations and via the Wi-Fi network. UN staff members get access to these electronic collections directly from their office workstations. A-to-Z list of e-Journals

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