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The UNOG Library, placed directly under the purview of the UNOG Director-General, has three core functions in its mandate.

The mandate of the Library was first set out in a special report on library policy and services submitted by the Secretary-General to the Fifth Committee in 1949 (A/C.5/298).

1. The United Nations European Library

  • supporting the documentary and informational needs of library users
  • managing the Library’s heritage of valuable collections
  • processing and extracting information from its collections for inclusion in databases and publications

2. Coordinator of the UNOG Archives

  • establishing archival policies for UNOG
  • managing UNOG Registry and administrative records
  • managing UNOG and League of Nations historical archives, as well as the League of Nations Museum

3. Coordinator of UNOG Cultural Activities

  • coordinating the cultural activities policy
  • implementing the programme developed in the context of the Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations
  • chairing the UNOG Cultural Activities Committee

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