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Library Events 2019

The UN Library Geneva organizes events that bring together members of the international community and academia with the Geneva public to exchange information and ideas on subjects that are of key importance to the United Nations.

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6 December 2019
Artificial Intelligence is the subject of continuous discussions and increasing attention. As developments in this area gain momentum and velocity, the technological upheaval they could bring to our society is both exhilarating and worrisome.This event is designed to provide food for thought to anyone interested in the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence in the area of work.
15 November 2019
The idea of social inclusion is the bedrock of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its promise to leave no one behind. Combining examples drawn from a range of countries with critical reflections on the politics and rhetoric of social inclusion, the speakers will share insights into why combating exclusion and fostering inclusion—realizing promise of leaving no one behind—is such an enormous analytical and policy puzzle, and what actions need to be taken to begin to solve it.
5 November 2019
Get inspired by our “human books” who will tell their story of why and how they build trust in and around Europe! Each of them will present a different approach, from cooking to environmental cooperation and documentary film-making, across generations and countries.
28 October 2019
Come and join next Library Talk to explore the role of women in shaping internalism.
24 October 2019
Come and join next Library Talk, to explore and gain knowledge about the role of history in policy-making.
26 September 2019
Paul Rose is the special guest of Story Telling at the Library to talk about his life of engagement for the planet and the global challenges related to biodiversity and sustainability.
17 September 2019
This Library Talk explores the critical period between 1942 and 1945, how an idea born during the war became the global organization we know today, and how it has contributed to shaping modern multilateralism.
12 July 2019
Join us on 12 July to learn more about the results of the 41st Sanremo Round Table, which focused on the deprivation of liberty in armed conflict and the humanitarian and legal challenges relating to the conditions of detention, justice and prison systems, and detainee protection.
3 July 2019
For the second time at the Palais des Nations, the Jerusalem Youth Chorus will fill Hall XIV with tones for peace and harmony.
2 July 2019
Join us for this Library Talk and discover the innovative solutions that multilateral organizations since the League of Nations found to the challenges of global cooperation and hear from our experts, how the United Nations is faring in the global innovation race and what it takes to transform the institution.
26 June 2019
Event Cancelled
11 June 2019
The annual international conference on volunteerism and social transformation is back at the UN Library! This conference is a platform for experts working with International Organizations, NGOs and social initiatives aiming at spreading effective cooperation, best practices and connecting civil society with the private sector.
23 May 2019
Africa is often described as a continent with problems or a continent of opportunity. The reality is far more complex: beyond conflict, migration and unsolved situations lies enormous potential for human and economic growth.
14 May 2019
A panel of experts will discuss how and why heritage is a victim of conflict and what can be done to protect sites that belong to humanity.
16 April 2019
Join us for a panel discussion with a UN Geneva archivist and two authors of separate books on Drummond’s and Hammarskjöld’s personalities and characters, to explore their legacies in shaping multilateralism and the UN system with a focus on the ICS’ nature.
26 March 2019
Climate change is becoming the most important systemic risk humankind and the planet are likely to face in the near future. The socio-economic and political implications of climate change are clearly apparent and a race is on, in which climate change appears to move faster than the solutions we are deploying. This Library Talk will give you a better view of this important topic and help you judge whether or not we are on the brink of a global emergency.
12 March 2019
This debate will explore the principles and ideas underpinning multilateralism against a complex background of climate change, the rise of technology and the future of the global economy. It will also discuss the role of eminent personalities who shaped international affairs and how the nature of leadership has changed in the 21st century, with the rise of modern multilateralism.
5 March 2019
Disarmament is a matter of universal concern with a prominent place on the international agenda since the League of Nations. Join us to discuss the evolution of disarmament as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Conference on Disarmament.
21 February 2019
On International Mother Language Day, join us in a discussion with experts working to keep languages from going extinct.
29 January 2019
Join speakers from academia and international organizations as they reflect on the global refugee crisis and discuss how the current protection frameworks can serve families on the move.

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