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Library Events 2018

The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva organizes events that bring together members of the international community with the Geneva public to exchange information and ideas on subjects that are of key importance to the United Nations.

Join us and be inspired!

5 December 2018
Join us for a panel discussion with experts to discuss this trending industry vis-à-vis international humanitarian law.
4 December 2018
The Library Talk will bring together the views of architects, art experts and diplomats coupled with an artistic photo exhibition.
23 November 2018
Seventy years after the Universal Declaration Human Rights' adoption, the panel discussion being hosted by the UN Library Geneva as part of its Library Talks series will highlight the contribution of women to this historic document and what the UDHR means to women in their daily lives.
16 November 2018
In today’s world, still burdened by ever-growing challenges such as forced displacement, conflicts, environmental disasters, human rights abuses, intolerance xenophobia and populism, it seems more important than ever to strengthen international solidarity and cooperation among the family of nations.
9 November 2018
Institut Florimont students will surprise us with a creative reading act about the SDGs and peace-building.
7 November 2018
This Human Library brings to you personal and professional stories of individuals promoting peace in local communities.
24 October 2018
New temporary exhibition on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the occasion of its 70th anniversary
22 October 2018
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the actress Amber Heard will share her captivating story and discuss her perspective on gender equality, LGBTI rights and much more.
5 October 2018
A country’s literature is an example of its reality. As part of the activities marking Spanish Language Week, join us for a stimulating discussion on the relationship between literature, multilingualism and diversity with focus on the 15 Fundamental Novels of Bolivia. La literatura de un país es una muestra de su realidad. Como parte de las diferentes actividades que se celebrarán durante la Semana del Español, únete a nosotros para disfrutar de una interesante discusión sobre la relación entre literatura, multilingüismo y diversidad, con especial atención en las 15 Novelas Fundamentales de Bolivia.
3 October 2018
Marking World Habitat Day and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, join us for a panel event involving eminent speakers from diverse backgrounds to discuss the different dimensions of homelessness and pose innovative solutions to alleviate it.
21 September 2018
“Do you not fear ridicule with this peace talk of yours?” “Oh yes, but what is ridiculous? I, having believed in a kind of ascending sunrise for the human race, or those whose convictions are being swallowed by the ascending darkness?”
31 August 2018
This is the second in a series of talks co-organized with the Geneva Academy to explore the application of IHL in different socio-political contexts related to armed conflicts.
13 July 2018
Join us for this book launch where IHL academics and specialists will examine issues regarding the application of the 1977 protocols in today’s international and internal armed conflicts.
22 June 2018
Est-la Charte des Nations Unies désormais dépassée par les événements survenus depuis 1945, ou demeure-t-elle une entente sacrée que nul ne saurait renégocier de peur de la voir s’écrouler ?
12 June 2018
International conference on volunteerism and social transformation
5 June 2018
Vint Cerf, Google’s Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, will share his captivating story, his insights on cybersecurity and data management as well as how the Internet can be a useful tool to achieve the SDGs.
24 May 2018
Join us for this event where experts to discuss the progress and challenges for the UN Peace Agenda, 70 years after the creation of the United Nations
15 May 2018
Join speakers from academia and international organizations as they draw on the global refugee crisis to discuss how the current protection frameworks can serve families on the move 
4 May 2018
The researchers will present their awarded papers that hold lessons on how the mandates of institutions within the UN system have been shaped in the “unsettled firmament” in the post-war period and how international organizations nowadays tend to expand their mandates through the strategic use of expert knowledge
17 April 2018
We have invited an author directly affected by a terrorist attack, an expert, and a diplomat to give their views and answer questions on this neglected side of terrorism.
11 April 2018
This is the first in a series of talks on international humanitarian law brought to you by UN Library Geneva in collaboration with the Geneva Academy to explore the application of IHL in different socio-political contexts exposed to conflict.
26 March 2018
Join us to discuss these issues and find out what is done in the UNECE region to accelerate progress towards closing the gender pay gap by 2030.
15 March 2018
In a discussion moderated by Young UN staff members, Munira will share with us her story and experiences and we will reflect on how youth can affect change at the United Nations.
8 March 2018
Join us to celebrate International Women's Day as we discuss how our societies can be more equal and more inclusive for women and girls of African descent
21 February 2018
Join us for this special day, to celebrate multilingualism and to protect all mother languages.

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