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Library Events 2017

The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva organizes events that bring together members of the international community with the Geneva public to exchange information and ideas on subjects that are of key importance to the United Nations.

Join us and be inspired!

12 December 2017
Join us for this seminar to find out how to increase politics of inclusive development to achieve the main objective of the 2030 SDGs "to leave no one behind"
4 December 2017
SAVE THE DATE Join us for this seminar marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Diplomats and experts, who have joined forces, will discuss the way forward under three key themes: Inclusive UN, Accessibility, and Engaging Broader Society.
29 November 2017
Join us to discuss the global state of democracy today and learn more about the challenges that democracy is facing. With the participation of Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary- General and Yves Leterme former Prime Minister of Belgium.
20 November 2017
THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD IN FRENCH. Join us for the book launch, in Geneva, of 'Indispensable ONU' to discuss the evolution of the UN and its future through the expertise of Ambassador Jean-Marc de la Sabliére, former French Ambassador to the UN and author of the book, and Michael Møller, Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva.
10 November 2017
Join us for this book launch, to discuss how can we re-think global peace and security in the current international context, in presence of the author Michael von der Schulenburg former UN Assistant Secretary-General and former head of UN missions in Sierra Leone for discussion outside the box.
7 November 2017
Join us for a Human Library, to understand how to promote peace instead of violence through personal stories.
31 October 2017
Desertification is one of today’s most serious environmental challenges. Join us for an interactive discussion on how to transform the drylands, followed by a multi-cultural performance.
25 October 2017
“Building a Treaty on Business  and Human Rights: Context and  Contours”is an exciting new book that brings together leading academics from around the world to consider the way in which a new treaty on business and human rights should be developed and drafted. Find out what leading academics think a treaty on human rights and business should contain and how it will address current gaps in international law. 
23 October 2017
Join us for a discussion with the researchers, practitioners from the diplomatic community and other experts around the findings of the report titled ‘The art of soft power: A study of cultural diplomacy at the UN Office in Geneva’.
18 October 2017
On the occasion of International Print Day join us for a conversation with eminent librarians and information experts.
2 October 2017
On the occasion of the International Day of Non-Violence, join us in this book launch for a lively discussion about Gandhi’s life and work with the author and other international experts.
25 September 2017
Join us for an interactive discussion at the launch of 'The United Nations Special Procedures System' (Brill, 2017), a book edited by Aoife Nolan, Rosa Freedman, and Thérèse Murphy.  Often referred to as 'the jewel in the crown' of the Human Rights Council, the UN Special Procedures System is a crucial part of the United Nations work to protect and promote human rights.
12 September 2017
Join professors from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, for a foresight masterclass that will consider how careers and work in the international arena could change under different scenarios.
14 July 2017
Join the representatives of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and other experts in a discussion about the report of the 39th Round Table on Current Issues of International Humanitarian Law 
12 July 2017
A musical dialogue on the empowerment of young singers to become peace leaders in their communities
4 July 2017
Through music, theatre, poetry and dance, discover the powerful testimonies of individuals who have dared to resist violence and create peace in times of war; of people who have turned their suffering into strength, as they flee the devastation at home to seek safety across borderlines.
28 June 2017
Book Launch - Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development
20 June 2017
Organized together with the youth organization Vector of Friendship, this two-day forum for learning and collaboration aims to promote social innovations, volunteerism and its recognition globally, and to foster effective cooperation within the global community through meaningful exchanges of experiences, insights and successful social practices.
19 June 2017
75 librarians on bikes who are taking part in the 4th edition of "Cyclo-Biblio", an advocacy ride around Lake Léman to advance the cause of libraries in today's society, will make a stop at the Palais des Nations.
8 June 2017
Come celebrate the launch of the new UN Publication Historical Series!
23 May 2017
Agenda 2030’s Goal 3 calls for healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages. It is a known fact that the median age of world population continues to increase, so how do we create inclusive societies that provide the environment to adequately support and benefit from ageing populations?
17 May 2017
Join Professors Cédric Dupont & Jorge Viñuales for an animated discussion on multilateral negotiation processes and how these connect, or not, with each other and with the SDG framework.
10 May 2017
What is the role of disarmament law and international regulations on arms control and non-proliferation of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction in today’s international landscape?
4 May 2017
Meet “Human Books” who will share their stories of self-initiated projects, working to bridge the gap between newcomers and local populations. Each one of them has contributed to building empathy within their communities and taken steps towards inclusive social change. This event will also show how grassroots programmes and initiatives help create a space for interactions. Dive into the stories of these changemakers and get inspired, equipped, and connected through their experiences!
25 April 2017
To celebrate the 2017 World Book and Copyright Day, we are inviting you to a thought-provoking discussion. Three distinguished writers and a renowned publisher will share their personal experiences with writing and reading and their visions on the role and place of books in the digital environment.
20 April 2017
Join us for this book launch and enjoy various stories about Aga Khan’s outstanding personality told by his friends and colleagues.
5 April 2017
In 2012, British writer and TED speaker Ann Morgan set out to read a book from every UN-recognised country in one calendar year. The blog-based quest recorded at ayearofreadingtheworld.com drew the support of readers, authors and translators around the planet, and has inspired numerous reading ventures.
28 March 2017
Rejoignez-nous pour explorer le monde du design d’intérieur avec, au programme, une présentation du livre de Jacques Barsac et une exposition sur les oeuvres de Charlotte Perriand au Palais des Nations, suivie d’une discussion avec le public. Une réception et une scéance de signature du livre viendront clôturer l’évènement.
20 March 2017
Join us for the launch of this publication and participate in a discussion with Geneva Gender Champions and other experts on concrete ways forward to realizing gender balance in intergovernmental forums.
17 March 2017
Celebrating the International Day of Happiness at United Nations Library at Geneva!
10 March 2017
When discussing gender issues, you may have heard of the “glass ceiling” effect. What does it look like from an individual perspective?This event offers the possibility to learn more about personal experiences of women working within the UN system at different career stages and in different fields. Moreover, the panellists will examine structural challenges and open a constructive dialogue with the audience on ways to a work environment fostering equality.
23 February 2017
Join us for the presentation of "Inside the Green Economy: Promises and Pitfalls" and "Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives" books, combined with an enthralling discussion.
21 February 2017
Come and join us for this exciting discussion between a diplomat and experts in linguistics and interpretation!
10 February 2017
Melissa Fleming, former UNHCR spokesperson, will be the guest of our Library to present her book on a refugee's harrowing story in a debate with UNOG Director-General Michael Møller, followed by questions and answers with the audience.
19 January 2017
Join us for this event and hear our experts talk about professional and public speaking, looking at gender perspectives and challenges, and making recommendations to elevate women’s voices, foster parity and organizational change.

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