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Library Events 2014

The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva organizes events that bring together members of the international community with the Geneva public to exchange information and ideas on subjects that are of key importance to the United Nations.

Join us and be inspired!

16 December 2014
This event is organized in collaboration with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). “Religion, War, and Ethics: A Sourcebook of Textual Traditions“ is an edited volume of primary sources from the world’s major religions on the ethics of war. The editor, Gregory M. Reichberg, and other experts will be participating in the discussion.
10 December 2014
With the terminal year approaching for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the international community has begun the process of determining the goals which might follow the MDGs. While the UN is driving the process, there has been very little introspection on its own organizational capacity to help countries to meet the goals and is being increasingly side lined by other more effective development organizations and initiatives. Based on extensive original research, this book seeks to capture in a single volume a comprehensive review of the UN's performance and prospects for development. The book will contribute to the urgently needed debate on the reform of the UN development system post-2015 to support a new development agenda. Co-authors Stephen Browne and Thomas G. Weiss and other experts will speak at this event, which is organized in collaboration with the Future United Nations Development System (FUNDS) project.
25 November 2014
Kofi Annan, in his foreword, wrote "Blinded by Humanity is an engaging examination of the UN’s efforts to accomplish its humanitarian aims and political goals, which at times may seem at cross purposes. Martin Barber’s wide experience and frank analysis will interest UN watchers and humanitarian activists alike because it provides valuable insights on how to make the UN a more effective instrument for peace, security and human rights." The author will speak at this event, which is organized in collaboration with OCHA.
18 November 2014
This event, which is the part of the "Geneva Peace Week", will discuss the notion of peacebuilding and the critical questions about the relationship between academic thought and peace-building practice. Can research inform the way we build peace in fragile and conflict-affected settings? The speakers are Vincent Chetail of the Graduate Institute’s Global Migration Centre, Oliver Jütersonke of the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Conflict and Michael von der Schulenburg, former Executive Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Sierra Leone.
12 November 2014
This event features a presentation by renowned philosopher and ethicist, Professor Asa Kasher, on the question of whether NGOs and international institutions should adopt fact-finding standards, and whether these standards will improve the efficacy and credibility of commissions of inquiry. Professor Kasher’s presentation will be followed by a response by Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar Ilan University and Alan Stephens, Director of Research, Clemens Nathan Research Centre.
30 October 2014
Dans son homélie de Noël 1975, le pape Paul VI annonca l'avènement d'une civilisation de l'amour, pas une utopie, mais une réalité future dont es racines remontent aux premiers siècles de l'Eglise. Et c'est en référence à cette civilisation de l'amour, qui exige la paix, que Paul VI dénonce la course aux armements, la délinquance et le terrorisme.L'auteur, Patrick de Laubier, présentera son ouvrage et les intervenants suivants amèneront d'autres approches, juridiques, économiques, et interreligieuses.
17 October 2014
This Library Talk features a key presentation by Didier Teirlinck, Executive Vice President, Climate Strategic Business Units at Ingersoll Rand, and panel discussions exploring new opportunities for more environmentally responsible electrical power through innovation in urban building infrastructure. The second part of the event looks at Europe’s leadership in design and deployment of building and electricity innovation. The panelists are executives from international enterprises and organizations and experts from the United Nations. Click the link above to register.
14 October 2014
If you want to discover in-house poetry, short stories and essays in several UN languages, or think you may want to recite your own or write for the UN literary journal, Ex Tempore, come and meet the staff of the United Nations Society of Writers (UNSW)!
3 October 2014
In his newly published book "Reflections at the United Nations", Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament and Personal Representative of the UN Secretary-General to the Conference on Disarmament, highlights the importance of Geneva as a centre for international diplomacy. Featuring key speeches and published articles in four languages, as well as interviews which he gave during his tenure, the book underscores Mr. Tokayev's efforts at strengthening the role of the Organization and of International Geneva and it illustrates the recent history of the Palais des Nations through the multitude of meetings that Mr. Tokayev was part of in his time as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.
26 September 2014
In December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly requested to hold the Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, from 14 to 18 March 2015, with the main objective to consider and adopt a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction. Consultations are taking place with governments and major groups. One of the key elements that needs more discussion is the area of targets and indicators for the implementation of the post-2015 framework in coherence with other major international policy instruments. At this Library Talk, high level authorities and experts will express their views on targets and indicators for disaster risk reduction and will open the floor for dialogue.
18 September 2014
The newly released Handbook on the Internal Justice System at the United Nations is the first volume to cover all the different facets of the new system of administration of justice at the United Nations, from the discussions that led to its inception to its work in the first five years of activity. Co-authors, Judge Thomas Laker and H.E. Mr. Thomas Fitschen, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva will also participate in this debate.
15 September 2014
This event is organized in collaboration with the Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention Programme of United Nations Institute for Training and Research (PMCP/UNITAR). Dr. Connie Peck, Co-Editor and Former Principal Coordinator, Programme in Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) will be participating in this discussion.
4 July 2014
This Library Talk is organized in collaboration with the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL). The President and the Vice-President of IIHL will be participating in this discussion.
1 July 2014
Fourth International conference on Volunteerism Avnue for Social Transformation willl focus on the following issues: diversity of volunteer activity; international cooperation; corporate volunteerism and social entrepreneurship; volunteers’ contribution to cultural historic preservation and development of social tourism; youth in the labour-market; and alternative forms of employment. Registration form and agenda are available on this page.
19 June 2014
This event is organized in collaboration with ACANU and Le News.The editors, Edward Girardet and William Dowell will be participating in the debate.
12 June 2014
This event is organized with the collaboration of UNITAR. The panelists will elaborate the study on Maritime Piracy and they will discuss about the methodology and the findings of the report. UNOSAT manager will be also participating in the debate.
16 May 2014
In collaboration with the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and the Graduate Institute's Executive Education Programme, the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP) cordially invites you to the book launch of Prof. Heidi Hardt.
29 April 2014
This event is organized with the collaboration of the following missions:France, European Union, and Austria. The author, Julie Anne Demel, will be participating in the debate (Q & A in English and in French).
10 April 2014
This book launch is organized with the collaboration of the Permanent Mission of the Argentine Republic to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). The book contributes to the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence.
9 April 2014
"New Directions in Social Policy: Towards a Post-2015 Agenda" focuses on the changing nature and challenges of social policy regimes in developing countries.
3 April 2014
The Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent (WGPAD) holds two 5-day sessions every year, The Library Talk is linked to the theme of the 14th WGPAD session: People of African Descent: Access to Justice. which will be held from 31 March to 4 April 2014 (Room XXI). Its aim is to provide various perspectives on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and other intolerance.
21 March 2014
This event is organized by Dr. Rama Mani and Mr. Robert McDowell. With lyrical testimonies, they expose the masks of violence and competition between men and women in battlefields, boardrooms and bedrooms.
20 March 2014
This event is organized with the collaboration of the Permanent Mission of the Order of Malta in Geneva and the Collège Universitaire Henry Dunant. The author, Rémi Brague, will be participating in the debate (Q & A in English and in French).
30 January 2014
The book "Shared Responsibility" – by Carsten Staur, Permanent Representative of Denmark to UNOG – focuses on a number of transformative global challenges, where the UN could play a more important role, such as assisting fragile states in the aftermath of conflict, establishing real accountability for mass atrocity crimes and re-launching sustainability as the principal global development paradigm. Click here to register and participate in the book launch and panel discussion.
17 January 2014
Primordial leadership proved of critical importance in post-conflict Timor-Leste to forge a widespread feeling of ownership and accountability, helping the country’s leaders successfully turn security crises in 2006 and 2008 into opportunities for fostering respect for democratic governance. This Library Talk will discuss the basic assertions of the book and their possible applications to other crises in the world.

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