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Library Events 2013

The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva organizes events that bring together members of the international community with the Geneva public to exchange information and ideas on subjects that are of key importance to the United Nations.

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5 December 2013
In three pilot basic income schemes conducted in India between 2010 and 2013, more than 6,000 men, women and children received universal, equal and completely unconditional monthly cash payments. Professor Guy Standing reports on the main outcomes, looking at the effects on sanitation, nutrition, health, schooling, economic activity, women’s status, specific vulnerable groups, and social attitudes more broadly.
4 December 2013
The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Navi Pillay, will present OHCHR’s latest publication, "Realizing the Right to Development: Essays in Commemoration of 25 years of the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development", in two events: on 4 December in the UN Library in Geneva, and on 9 December in the ECOSOC Chamber of the UN HQ in New York. In both events, the Book Launch will be accompanied by an Authors’ Roundtable.
2 December 2013
Do the ‘Respect, Protect, and Remedy' Framework and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights adequately address the challenges concerning the human rights obligations of business?
15 November 2013
In 2015, the international community has an opportunity to agree on global frameworks for disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and climate change. Join this Library Talk to learn why countries – small and large, developed and developing – are urging the international community to give higher political priority to disaster risk reduction as critical to the development of sustainable nations and communities.
2 October 2013
At this Library Talk, Poggeschi's book will be presented in its new English translation, with the author speaking and two discussants: Ambassador Petru Dumitriu, and Professor Levrat from the University of Geneva. Giovanni Poggeschi is currently a professor of Comparative Public Law at the University of Salento in Italy. He has published widely before, and is currently an expert for the Council of Europe on issues such as federalism, and the protection of national minorities.
1 October 2013
The United Nations Library, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill and the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva, together with the Rosenne Family are organizing the third Shabtai Rosenne Memorial Lecture at the Palais des Nations.
3 July 2013
China has experienced an unprecedented 3 decades of annual economic growth of around 10%. What has fuelled this boom? And can it be sustained? Professor Li Yang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, discusses the Chinese growth miracle and considers its impact, positive and negative, on China and the world. This event is organized in cooperation with UNRISD
4 June 2013
Unprecedented urban growth in Asia brings with it major environmental challenges, but could it also be part of the solution? This event is organized in cooperation with UNRISD and UNCTAD.
28 May 2013
"The United Nations Human Rights Council: A Critique and Early Assessment" - by Rosa Freedman. This event is organized in partnership with the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva
14 May 2013
The conference is being held in the framework of the intellectual and academic exchange project “UNOG Library Talks”. Among others, experts from France Benevolat, the Volonteurope organization, the Volunteering England organization, the European Centre for Non-profit Law, the European Volunteer Centre and the OSMIJEH organization, the ICVolunteers, the Centre Gevenois du Volontariat, the National Council for Promotion of Volunteerism of Portugal will take part in the event.
25 April 2013
In cooperation with the Russian Center for Policy Studies (PIR Center)
19 March 2013
Book presentation: "Norms of Protection: Responsibility to Protect, Protection of Civilians and their Interaction", edited by Angus Francis, Vesselin Popovski and Charles Sampford (United Nations University - UNU)
20 February 2013
This event is sponsored by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have evolved at a tremendous pace over the last twenty years and have had a profound impact on our society and all aspects of our digital modern life, including the arts.
12 February 2013
40 people were tried at Nuremburg and Tokyo. 10,000 were tried by national tribunals endorsed by a 15 nation UN commission on charges including murder, torture, sexual violence and a score of other offences as international crimes and the defendants included many mid-level personnel. The nations concerned, including China and India, created the UN War Crimes Commission in 1943. Its work has powerful lessons for the present.
31 January 2013
Guest Speaker: The Honorary Omar Zakhilwal, Minister of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This event is organized in cooperation with UNITAR (nited Nations Institute for Trainign and Research.

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