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Seventh International Conference - Volunteerism: Avenue for Social Transformation

30 June 2015
Seventh International Conference - Volunteerism: Avenue for Social Transformation

Tuesday 30 June - Wednesday 1 July 2015, 10:00 - 17:00
United Nations Office at Geneva
Palais des Nations, Room XIV

The conference is being held in the framework of the intellectual and academic exchange project
“UN Library Talks Geneva”.

For those without a UNOG badge, registration for this event is obligatory.
Interested participants are invited to register on-line before 29 June 2015.

With different events organized during the two-day conference and the participation of experts from all over the world, the conference is an annual international forum aimed at effective cooperation and exchange of experience among volunteers from different countries and at spreading successful social voluntary practices.

This session will focus on the following issues: diversity of volunteer activity; international cooperation; corporate volunteerism and social entrepreneurship; volunteers’ contribution to cultural historic preservation and development of social tourism; youth in the labour-market; and alternative forms of employment.

In keeping with the resolution on the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteerism adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 2 February 2012, it is altogether appropriate to focus on the untapped reserves that volunteerism can bring to bear on the task of addressing the most acute problems of today, particularly at the community and grassroots level. From social and economic growth and sustainable development to improvements in the standard of living of marginalized groups in various communities, to efforts to improve environmental safety and quality of life and facilitate social transformation, the role of volunteerism is paramount and needs to be recognized and enhanced.

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